Priyanka Gandhi writes to UP CM Yogi Adityanath on COVID-19 moots 10 suggestions

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Amid the surge in COVID-19 cases in Uttar Pradesh, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra put forth 10 suggestions to CM Yogi Adityanath on Tuesday.

Priyanka Gandhi


Amid the surge in COVID-19 cases in Uttar Pradesh, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra put forth 10 suggestions to CM Yogi Adityanath on Tuesday. Observing that many UP cities are on the verge of destruction owing to the second novel coronavirus wave, she highlighted that the testing is very low which resulting in many cases remaining unreported. In a letter addressed to the UP CM, she also expressed concern over the massive shortage of beds, oxygen, and medicines which is causing a lot of difficulty to the poor and middle class. 

Moreover, Vadra cried foul over the alleged underreporting of deaths and the slow pace of vaccination in UP. Lamenting that less than one crore persons have administered the COVID-19 vaccine till now, she contended that the State government could have inoculated people at a faster pace at the advent of the second wave. At present, there are 3,04,199 active novel coronavirus cases in Uttar Pradesh while 8,04,563 patients have been discharged and 11,414 deaths have been reported. 

पूरी दुनिया में कोरोना से जंग चार स्तंभों पर टिकी है: जांच, उपचार, ट्रैकिंग व टीकाकरण

यूपी में जांचें बहुत कम हैं। ग्रामीण इलाकों में न के बराबर हैं। टीकाकरण की गति धीमी है।

मैंने मुख्यमंत्री जी को पत्र के माध्यम से कुछ सकारात्मक सुझाव दिए हैं। आशा है वे इन पर अमल करेंगे। pic.twitter.com/au5neW0MKD

— Priyanka Gandhi Vadra (@priyankagandhi) April 27, 2021

Here are Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s suggestions

  1. The State government should announce a dedicated financial package for the welfare of all health and frontline workers.
  2. All COVID-19 hospitals and centres which were closed should be restarted immediately and oxygenated beds should be increased on a war footing. Retired medical and paramedical staff should be called back to work in the hospitals close to their place of residence.
  3. The real data of COVID-19 cases and deaths should be disclosed to the people instead of suppressing figures. 
  4. Increase RT-PCR testing. The state government must ensure that RT-PCR tests comprise at least 80% of the overall tests conducted. In rural areas, more testing centres should be opened.
  5. Corona kits should be distributed in rural areas with the help of Anganwadi and ASHA workers. The black marketing of life-saving medicines should be curbed. The rates of life-saving medicines should be fixed.
  6. A policy should be formulated for the storage of oxygen so that there is reserve oxygen storage at every district headquarters. An oxygen tanker should be given the status of an ambulance.
  7. The poor, labourers and migrant workers should be provided assistance in cash.
  8. While UP will require at least Rs.10,000 crore to vaccinate 60% of its population, only Rs.40 crore have been allocated for this purpose. The state government should explore the possibility of producing vaccines at Bulandshahr’s Bharat Immunologicals and Biologicals Corporation Limited.
  9. The state government should provide relief to artisans, small shopkeepers, small traders on water, electricity bills and local taxes.
  10. The State government should encourage people, political parties and organizations to come forward to lend help for combating the COVID-19 crisis.

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