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In a clip circulating on social media, a pair of news anchors of Geo News are seen singing praises of India and its moon landing mission Chandrayaan-3.


Pakistani journalists recently sang praises of India over Chandrayaan-3’s success. (Image: ANI/X/@Zaira_Nizaam)

India garnered plaudits from around the world for executing its Chandrayaan-3 mission successfully and creating its mark in space exploration by landing on the South Pole of the Moon earlier this week. India’s neighbouring country Pakistan also brought its attention to it, with two journalists discussing it in great detail. 

In what is now a viral video on X, a pair of news anchors of Geo News are seen singing praises of the achievement and urging their fellow countrymen to break free from internal conflicts and seek inspiration. “While India has reached the moon, here we are… stuck between internal conflicts and trivial matters,” said Huma Amir Shah as fellow newspresenter Abdullah Sultan agreed. 

“We need to really broaden our horizons,” she said, as Sultan added that Pakistanis are busy referring to their children as “chaand” (moon). Shah expressed joy over India’s historic moon landing mission, avering, “what a sight, we were happy witnessing it right from sitting here in the studio.” 

She also noted that the accomplishment deserves recognition, given that it was carried out by one of the nations in the Global South, a region that the Western world often overlooks. “From a regional perspective, it is commendable. Otherwise, we don’t really expect it from our region, our nations. We tend to assume that the West could’ve achieved such a thing, or Russia, or even China. But it is India that managed to do it.”

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Shah urged viewers to channel their competitive attitude towards productive pursuits, such as space missions and scientific advancement. The clip has amassed over 6,600 views and several comments. Reacting to it, one user wrote, “Good gesture by Pakistan’s TV anchors.” 

Pakistan’s Foreign Office hails Chandrayaan-3

Earlier on Friday, Pakistan’s Foreign Office spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch also commended the landmark mission and said, “I can only say that it is a great scientific achievement, for which ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) scientists deserve appreciation.” 

Chandrayaan-3 is the most cost-effective moon mission ever, estimated to cost between USD 75-90 million, compared to the Chandrayaan-2 mission, which cost USD 117 million. It is also much less than most summer movies — Avatar 2 cost USD 350 million, RRR cost about USD 80 million, and the new Indiana Jones movie is expected to lose over USD 100 billion, it said.

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