Once one of India’s richest actress, this superstar owned many homes, cars, tortured by husband she died without money

Though Meena Kumari succeeded in achieving a lot of success, her life was full of tragedies and she died a painful death at the age of 38.

Yesterday (August 1) was the 90th birth anniversary of ‘Tragedy Queen’ Meena Kumari. The beautiful actress is remembered for her films and songs. Meena Kumari made her debut at the age of 4 and she worked really hard to become one of the most popular actresses of her time. According to reports, Meena Kumari was the richest actress of her time. Though Meena Kumari succeeded in achieving a lot of success, her life was full of tragedies and she died a painful death. Meena Kumari passed away when she was just 38. 

Meena Kumari was born on August 1, 1933 and she was the second girl child in her family. Her father Ali Baksh wanted a son so he decided to leave Meena Kumari at an orphanage. But after few months, Meena’s mother Iqbal Begum started missing her and she requested her husband to bring back Meena from orphanage. Ali brought Meena back home but since he was not able to earn much, the family had to face a lot of hardships. This forced Meena Kumari to work at the age of 4.

Meena Kumari was a hugely popular name in the 50s and was working with all the big directors of her time. There was a famous director who once misbehaved with Meena Kumari and she made a scene of his misbehavior. The director got angry with Meena’s response and he added a scene in the film where actor was supposed to slap Meena hardly. The director made the actor slap Meena Kumari 31 times to take his revenge. Meena Kumari was one of the highest paid actresses of her time. She was the only actress in the industry who used to travel in Impala. It is said that Meena Kumari owned several luxurious cars and properties during her heydays.

Meena Kumari married director Kamal Amrohi despite the wishes of her family members. Kamal Amrohi failed to prove a good husband and he imposed several restrictions on Meena Kumari. According to reports, Kamal Amrohi used to torture Meena and did not respect her. Meena Kumari decided to leave Kamal Amrohi’s home after few years and shifted to his sister’s place. Meena Kumari became an alcoholic after her failed marriage with Kamal and she died at a young age due to several ailments.

Meena Kumari was struggling financially during her last days and you would be surprised to know that her family was not able to pay even Rs 3,500 at the hospital after she died. Director Bimal Roy’s daughter Rinki Roy Bhattacharya, once said in an interview with Rediff, “When this actress of high calibre, the reigning Goddess of cinema breathed her last on the afternoon of March 31, 1972, at 3:25 pm in St Elizabeth’s nursing home, she did not have Rs 3,500 required to release her body.”

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