Noida SC lawyer murder: How property dispute sparked marital rift; killer husband undetected for 24 hours

The murder of the Supreme Court lawyer in Noida made headlines after suspicion fell on the victim’s husband, who remained hidden in the house till 24 hours after the killing.

In yet another chilling crime in Uttar Pradesh, a top lawyer was murdered in cold blood allegedly by her own husband in a property dispute. Supreme Court lawyer Renu Sinha was found dead in Noida sector 30 inside her own home, with the prime suspect being her husband.

61-year-old lawyer Renu Sinha and her husband Nitin Nath Sinha had been residing in a bungalow in Noida Sector 30, Uttar Pradesh for several years, but an argument related to their massive home had caused a rift in their marital life.

Renu and Nitin lived in Noida while their son lived abroad. The relationship between the husband and wife was tense for some time now, and on September 10, the lawyer’s husband called the police and said that his calls to her were going unanswered for two days.

The police decided to visit the Sinha house and discovered Supreme Court lawyer Renu Sinha’s body on the floor of their bathroom, while her husband was nowhere to be found. Upon searching the house closely, Nitin was found hiding in the storeroom.

The couple had reportedly had an argument regarding the sale of their bungalow in Noida. Nitin Sinha wanted to sell the house while the SC lawyer was reluctant. In the midst of a heated argument, Nitin allegedly killed Renu by strangling her using a pillow, and then hid her body in the bathroom.

After killing her, Nitin Sinha reportedly showed the house to a property dealer and finalized a deal for Rs 4.5 crore, even taking an advance of Rs 55 lakh. He has remained hidden in the storeroom of his house for 24 hours in order to avoid arrest and suspicion.

Renu Sinha was an advocate in the Supreme Court and was reportedly battling cancer, only recovering from the brutal disease last month. Renu was not ready to sell off her bungalow, but her husband was adamant on selling the house, leading to frequent arguments between the couple.

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