Nawab Malik shares Wankhede’s ‘nikah’ photo; NCB officer’s father counters with puja photo

Escalating the feud with NCB zonal director Sameer Wankhede, NCP minister Nawab Malik on Monday, shared a photo of Wankhede dressed in a skull cap allegedly signing the ‘nikah nama’ during his first wedding. Countering that, Wankhede’s father Dyandev Wankhede shared photos of the officer performing a Hindu puja and photos of his second wedding which was held as per Hindu rituals. Nawab Malik has been targetting the Wankhede family accusing him of bribery, forgery and targetting high-profile individuals like celebrities and politicians.

Malik Vs Wankhede photo war continues

Rebutting to Malik, Dyandev Wankhede shared the following photos:


The feud between NCP and NCB began when Nawab Malik has shared Sameer Wankhede’s birth certificate in which his father’s name is mentioned as ‘Dawood K Wankhede’. Alleging that Wankhede had ‘hid’ his identity as a Muslim to get (Dalit) SC reservation in IRS exam, Malik sought a probe into Wankhede’s status. He also alleged that Wankhede’s father Dnyandev Kachruji Wankhede had converted while marrying his mother Late Mrs. Zaheeda. Both father and son have refuted the conversion allegations.

Later, Wankhede issued a statement confirming that his father Dnyandev Kachruji Wankhede was a Hindu and his mother Late Mrs. Zaheeda was a Muslim. Affirming that he had married one Dr. Shabana Qureshi in 2006 under the Special Marriage Act (1954), Wankhede added that he had later married Kranti Dinanath Redkar in 2017 after his divorce in 2016. The NCSC (National Commission for Scheduled Castes) has verified Wankhede’s caste certificate and stated that there are no official records of his religious conversion.

Not backing down, Malik alleged that Wankhede had wrongly framed the cousin of his former wife in a drugs case to pressure her family not to speak against him. He added that Wankhede also framed another youth, the son of an IPS officer, in a drugs case following a dispute with the latter’s family and the youth was subsequently arrested. Wankhede has already been accused by Prabhakar Sail – an independent witness in the cruise drug case – of allegedly cutting a Rs 18 crore deal with one Sam D’souza on the night of Aryan Khan’s arrest.

Amid the barrage of allegations against Wankhede, a central NCB team – headed by Sanjay Kumar Singh – took over Wankhede’s six high-profile cases. The cases include Mumbai cruise drug bust, Sameer Khan’s drug probe,  cases regarding Armaan Kohli, Iqbal Kaskar, Kashmir drug case, and one other such case. With Sameer Wankhede still heading the NCB Mumbai unit, the SIT is probing the case along with the assistance of the officers of the Mumbai Unit.

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