Meet Satya Prabin software engineer quits Malaysian IT job to pursue organic farming, earns in lakhs

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Meet Satya Prabin software engineer quits Malaysian IT job to pursue organic farming, earns in lakhs

Success story: Satya Prabin, a software engineer turned farmer in Odisha’s Rayagada district, left his high-paying IT job in Malaysia to return to his village and fulfill his passion for farming. His father used to cultivate vegetables for a living, and Satya was inspired to pursue farming. He began farming on his 34-acre land using modern techniques such as the drip system and organic fertilizers. Satya’s success in agriculture has made him a role model for other farmers in the community.

After completing his B.Tech in software engineering, Satya spent 11 years working for a Malaysian IT company, earning Rs 2 lakh per month. However, he always had a passion for farming, which was instilled in him from his childhood observations of his father working in the fields. In 2020, Satya returned to his village and began farming, using modern techniques and organic fertilizers to grow a variety of vegetables.

Satya’s approach to farming is unique and innovative, which has earned him the admiration of the locals and the attention of the authorities. He employs around 60 people in his village and neighboring villages, making him a significant contributor to the local economy. Collector Swadha Dev Singh visited Satya’s farmland and was full of praise for his work.

Satya’s success as a farmer has made him a role model for others in the community. According to Laxmi Narayan Sabat, the Rayagada block development officer, small-scale farmers need to follow Satya’s example and grow vegetables on their land using organic fertilizers to become self-sufficient and improve their financial situation. Additionally, vegetables grown organically are better for health.

Satya’s journey from a software engineer to a successful farmer is a story of determination, perseverance, and passion for agriculture. He has shown that success is achievable if one follows their heart and works hard towards their goal.

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