Mayweather vs Logan Paul memes flood the internet as fans question the future of boxing

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Mayweather vs Logan Paul highlights: Memes flood social media after the bout ended in a draw with Paul lasting eight rounds in Miami on Sunday.

Mayweather vs Logal Paul memes

Boxing fans were left with some distaste as the much-awaited Mayweather vs Paul fight ended in a huge disappointment on Sunday in Miami. Logan Paul lasted the entire eight rounds against the retired boxing legend which ensured that the crowd were booing the two boxers in the last round of their exhibition fight, Naturally, Mayweather vs Logan Paul memes flooded the internet with netizens making a mockery of the bout. Here’s a look at what happened during Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight and the Mayweather vs Logan Paul highlights. 

Mayweather vs Logan Paul highlights: Memes flood social media after lackadaisical bout 

Fans were visibly worried about the future of boxing after what happened during Mayweather vs Logan Paul at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on Sunday. The YouTube superstar managed to survive eight rounds in the ring as the much-anticipated clash ended in a lacklustre draw. Paul used his frame and weight to his advantage by restricting Mayweather by hugging him, which saw social media erupt with memes. And while the duo traded a few blows it was far from a knockout punch as both survived to end the contest as a draw.

Fans in the stadium were booing the two boxers after their expectations of witnessing a knockout win for Mayweather were dashed by Paul. Paul and Mayweather had heated exchanges in the lead up to the fight, but never managed to turn that ferocity into their blows on Sunday. Paul surviving eight rounds meant that Conor McGregor was also trolled by netizens after he was brutally knocked out by Money in their epic 2017 battle. Here are some of the best Mayweather vs Logan Paul memes and takes following their fight: 

How much did Mayweather make? 

Floyd Mayweather is expected to earn $100 million off Sunday’s fight and said on Thursday he has already made $30 million in the lead up to the fight. SportingFree reported Mayweather was guaranteed $10 million in base salary and 50 per cent pay-per-view shares. The PPVsusbrictipn costs $49.99, and the retired boxer expects the fight to make roughly $180 million in pay-per-view dollars and is set to receive the larger portion of the pie. 

How much did Logan Paul make? 

Before the fight, YouTube superstar Logan Paul had confirmed that he would be bagging only a fifth of Floyd Mayweather is set to earn from their bout. Speaking to TMZ, Paul revealed the fight could generate around $100million. Reports suggest that Paul’s upfront fee was set at $250,000 with a further 10 per cent promised from whatever is made from the subsequent pay-per-view TV sales. The $20 million earned would match Logan Paul’s current worth, which is estimated to be around $19 million as per Celebrity Net Worth.

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