Lock Upp: Poonam Pandey says she will remove her t-shirt on camera for THIS reason

Reported By:DNA Web Team| Edited By: DNA Web Team |Source: DNA webdesk |Updated: Apr 02, 2022, 11:43 PM IST

Poonam Pandey’s semi-naked images, videos, and outspoken statements kept her in the spotlight. Her Bollywood debut was in the 2013 film Nasha. She’s currently a contestant on Kangana Ranaut’s reality show Lock Upp, where she’s promised to show off her bold side. She has now promised her followers that if they save her from eviction, she will remove her T-shirt live on camera.

“Hello, joh bhi sun raha hai, iss charge sheet se mujhe bacha lo, I swear to God tum logon ko itna mast surprise, on-camera live doongi from Poonam Pandey and in Poonam Pandey style. You all save me by giving votes and then wait to see what all happens in this jail.”

In the presence of her co-contestants Azma Fallah, Munawar Faruqui, Anjali Arora, Vinit Kakar, and others, Poonam declared her decision.

Poonam promised her admirers a big surprise, but Azma and Munawar urged that she share what she was preparing to do for them. Poonam was jokingly requested to show her fans the trailer for her surprise. Then Vinit rushed in and claimed that Poonam is just bluffing and that she won’t do anything. Poonam ultimately claimed that she would remove her T-shirt on camera after much questioning. All of the contestants became silent when they heard this, but Poonam couldn’t stop laughing.

Kangana interrogated Poonam during her first weeks in Lock Upp, asking if she admits to making adult films.

“Do you admit that you make adult films and promote them as well,” Kangana asked.

Poonam the said, “Whatever video I have made till now or photos I have clicked, I haven’t broken any laws. If people can love the fake one, I am sure they will love the real one.”

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