Live crab stuck inside woman’s ear horrifies netizens

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All of us have seen horrifying acne breakout videos that make us cringe seeing all the dirt coming out of weird spots. But have you ever thought what will happen if a live animal comes out the acne instead of just dirt? Sounds disgusting?

Well, a woman from Puerto Rico had to go through something similar recently after a live crab got stuck inside her ear. The viral video was first shared on TikTok by an account named – @wesdaisy. Ever since it got posted, the video has raised an alarm amongst people all over the internet.

The now-viral video shows a person holding a tweezer near a woman’s ear in an effort to pull out something. The man is actually trying to remove a small crab that entered the woman’s ear while she was snorkelling in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

While the woman is scared to the core, the man in the video tries to calm her so he can easily take out the crab.

As the video progresses, the man can be seen pulling out something from inside the woman’s ear canal and boom! The crab is finally seen coming out. The woman is clearly horrified after watching the crab. She says, “What is that?”

Watch viral video here:

The video has garnered lots of attention from people across different social media platforms as people are shocked, disgusted and horrified to see the crab coming out of the woman’s ears. Many people are so scared after seeing the video that they say that this shows their worst fear.

As per sources, the woman was absolutely fine the following day and could continue with her everyday life. She was able to continue her sports activity and go for kayaking too.

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After facing the horrific incident, the woman urged her viewers to wear ear plugs while snorkelling.

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