Kareena Kapoor reveals why she, Saif named their son Taimur; recalls ‘traumatic time’ after being trolled for his name


Kareena Kapoor Khan shared that she got into ‘a bit of shock’ when Taimur was being attacked online just after his birth due to his name, and shared how she and Saif Ali Khan handled all that negativity while embracing parenthood for the first time.


Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan tied the knot in 2012 and welcomed their first son four years later. After they announced his name Taimur, the couple had to go through a “traumatic time” as they were heavily trolled for keeping his name, similar to a 14th cenury Mongolian invader.

In a recent inerview, the actress has shared how she and Saif dealt with the controversy back then, and she has also revealed why they kept their first son, Taimur and it has a connection to the Adipurush actor’s childhood.

Speaking at the Expess Adda event on Monday, September 11, Kareena said, “When we came up with the name, Saif actually said…He grew up with a neighbour friend, and he always really liked his name and his name was Taimur, so he said, ‘You know, if I have a son, he was my first friend. I’d like to name him Taimur’, and that’s exactly how Taimur was named, because he was Saif’s first friend when he was living in town here. We looked it up and it means ‘iron’, and I said if I have a boy, I always want him to be as strong as iron man.”

Kareena was reminded that her sister Karisma Kapoor had mentioned in an interview that the Laal Singh Chaddha actress ‘howled’ in the hospital room when she came to know that her son is being attacked online just after his birth due to his name. Sharing what she felt during that time, Kareena added, “I don’t think any mother or any child has to go through that. What was the reason…I still don’t really get it, because nobody is meant to offend anyone or do anything. I think we have freedom of speech, freedom of what we want to do, at least both Saif and me believe that very strongly.”

“It has no sort of take or resemblance to anything or anyone. It just went like, it’s not even like..it’s not even the same name”, Kareena added that the name was not in reference to any historical personality. Talking about how she and Saif handled all that negativity, she stated, “I got into a bit of a shock when this happened. But luckily, I think because of us being strong and resilient and silent, I think it just kind of died down. He was the most photographed child for what reason I have no idea. It was a traumatic time, but I think both Saif and me handled it with a lot of dignity because we never actually spoke, or said anything. We just believed in what we did and we just believed in naming our child just a beautiful name.”


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