From curd to exercises, these things will help you to lose weight in PCOD

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Increasing weight creates a lot of problems. But what if the reason for the weight gain is some disease, in which case it may become even more difficult to lose weight? A similar situation occurs in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Actually, this problem is of hormonal imbalance. Due to this problem, the weight of women starts increasing in a very extraordinary way.

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Even if a woman tries to lose weight during PCOS, she gets only half the results compared to her hard work. That’s why it is important that women suffering from PCOS know the right way and diet to lose weight.

If you are suffering from this problem then we have come up with 5 such tips which will help you in losing weight.

Right choice of exercise- Our fifth and last suggestion is exercise. Losing weight without exercise is almost impossible. On the other hand, women suffering from PCOS must exercise sometime before meals. This improves their metabolism. If you want to reduce calories in excess, then you should do high-intensity exercise. In this, you can choose exercises like cross fit, cardio, and swimming.

Fiber- In reducing weight, consuming more fiber-rich foods not only keeps your stomach full for a long time. Rather, through this, your digestion process also gets better. Along with this, it also controls the sugar level present in your blood. Apart from this, it has also been reported in a study that taking high fiber intake can also reduce insulin resistance. Consuming fiber-rich foods helps women suffering from PCOS to reduce belly fat.

Curd- Our intestinal bacteria play an important role in reducing weight. Apart from this, it also works to strengthen metabolism. On the other hand, the number of these bacteria in the intestines of women suffering from PCOS is slightly less, due to which they have difficulty losing weight. But it is not that these bacteria cannot be increased. For this, you have to consume curd and kefir. By consuming this, the number of bacteria in your intestine will increase and it will be a little easier to reduce your weight.

Good fat- Now if you are reducing carbs, then also keep in mind that you have to consume more foods rich in good fat. For good fat, you can consume olive oil, nut butter, avocado etc. The high calories present inside them will keep you full of energy and you will avoid eating anything untimely. Apart from this, the nutrients present inside these foods will keep you safe from other effects of PCOS.

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