DNA TV Show: Why the last 15 minutes of Chandrayaan-3 moon landing are most crucial?

Know how the last 15 minutes of the Chandrayaan-3 moon landing mission is the most crucial point of the mission.

Not only the scientists of ISRO, but the eyes of the whole country are waiting for that historic Chandrayaan 3 lunar landing, which is going to happen on Wednesday at 6:4 pm. After years of hard work, this mission was launched and now that the lander is going to make a touch down on the moon’s surface, the most crucial time is the last 15 minutes of the event. 

These last 15 minutes were called ’15 Minutes of Terror’ in the year 2019 by former ISRO Chairman K Sivan. These are the 15 minutes in which Moon Missions of 4 different countries have failed within the last 10 years. In the year 2019, the crash landing of Chandrayaan-2 started within these 15 minutes. 

Within these 15 minutes, the spacecraft will be dependent on the operating system. The scientists will do all the calculations for these 15 minutes of the landing process in advance so that a soft landing can be done according to the algorithm fixed during that time. 

Complex calculations have to be done within the last 15 minutes of landing. These highly complicated calculations will be done by machines that are already programmed for this. Even a single mistake in these calculations puts the entire mission in jeopardy.

Now you must want to know what kind of calculations are done within the last 15 minutes of landing:

– The Horizontal Speed of the Lander Module i.e. its parallel speed from the surface is reduced from 6 thousand kilometres per hour to 1290 kilometers per hour. During this, the vertical speed of the Lander Module i.e. the speed of coming from above to the surface is also controlled.

– Within these 15 minutes, the Lander Module is straightened up to 90 degrees. That is, by lowering all four legs of the Lander Module, it is prepared for landing. Apart from this, while doing all the work, the Lander Module also has to choose the best Landing Site for itself. There are also pits and stones on the moon, in such a way that its landing should be at the right place, it is very important.

– The Lander Module has 4 Thrusters and 12 small engines. Thrusters and engines when to run, when to keep them off. How many to run and how many to keep closed, all these decisions are taken in these 15 minutes.

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