DNA TV Show: Israel’s next step to trample Hamas


Israel has now shown its full potential to Hamas in order to retaliate against the terror attacks in their territory by organizing the full siege and seizure of the Gaza Strip.


Israel has been bombing Gaza from the sky for the past 20 days, which has caused heavy economic and military damage to Hamas. But now, the Israeli-Hamas war has entered a new phase. Israel has now completed preparations for the ground attack along with the sky.

On Wednesday night, Israel also showed the trailer of the ground attack to the world. when
The Israeli army entered northern Gaza with battle tanks, in this video released by the Israeli army, the army can be seen entering the border of Gaza with tanks. There are also armored vehicles in this convoy of the Israeli army.

Dozens of tanks can be seen bombing after entering Gaza, during the night the Israeli army targeted Hamas bases, command centers, rocket launchers and destroyed them. The Israeli army attacked Gaza, damaging Hamas. But neither Hamas could stop Israel nor could Hamas sympathizers do anything.

By launching a ground attack in northern Gaza, Israel has sent a message to the Arab countries that its war against Hamas will not slow down. No matter how much Arab countries unite and try to save Hamas. In fact, many Arab countries consider Hamas’s attacks justified and are trying to put pressure on Israel to stop this war, but Israel has vowed not to back down.

This is a big step of Israel towards completely eliminating Hamas, till now the US was preventing Israel from carrying out ground attacks. But Israel has made its intentions clear, that it will go to any extent to avenge the deaths of its citizens and eliminate Hamas.

On Wednesday, Israel just showed the trailer, the real picture of the ground attack in Gaza will be revealed in a week. Because Prime Minister Netanyahu has given a clear-cut message that the Israeli army will soon take major ground action to destroy Hamas.

The blueprint of the ground attack has been prepared. Within a week, Israel will now take major action against Gaza, planning to gain full control of the disputed territory which has caused tensions between Israel and Palestine for five decades.

While Israel and Hamas continue to be at war, the real price is being paid by the citizens of Gaza. Thousands of Gaza citizens have died due to bombings and constant attacks by Israeli military, and lakhs have been left without food and water.

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