DNA TV Show: Analysis on execution order of 8 Ex-Navy officers in Qatar for allegedly spying


DNA TV Show: Analysis on execution order of 8 Ex-Navy officers in Qatar for allegedly spying

Sourabh Raaj Jain, anchor of Zee News, examined the ruling of the Qatari court to execute eight former members of the Indian Navy in Today’s DNA.



On Thursday, the Court of First Instance in Qatar declared that eight former members of the Indian Navy, who were held in Doha in August 2022 on suspicion of espionage, would be sentenced to death. India’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) responded to the verdict with strong words, expressing “deep shock” and reaffirming that it will offer all consular and legal support as well as look into all avenues to save the veterans.

Eight former members of the Indian Navy have been held in Qatar since August 8, 2022, on charges of espionage pertaining to a submarine program. On August 30, 2022, the Qatari intelligence agency detained them all in Doha.

The former Indian Navy officers have been identified as Captain Navtej Singh Gill, Captain Birendra Kumar Verma, Captain Saurabh Vasisht, Commander Amit Nagpal, Commander Purnendu Tiwari, Commander Sugunakar Pakala, Commander Sanjeev Gupta and Sailor Ragesh.

It is alleged against these individuals that they shared submarine-related information with Israel. Regarding the charges against the eight former marines who were given death sentences, neither Qatar nor the Indian government have made any official statements or provided any clarifications.

In less than two months, the CEO of the company and an Omani national, Khamis Al Ajmi, was freed from custody related to this espionage case.  Qatar’s action is perceived as an opposition to the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor. The establishment of the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor was decided upon at the G-20 meeting.

India, the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Italy, and the European Union all signed MoU for this. Trade between Asia, Western Asia, the Middle East, and Europe will rise as a result of the completion of this corridor, hastening development.

Several Middle Eastern nations, including Iran, Turkey, and Qatar, are concerned about this corridor because these nations are not part of it. Additionally interpreted as a protest against the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor was Hamas’s attack on Israel. This corridor will head towards Europe even though it will pass through Israel.

Pakistan’s role in the death sentence of 8 Indian Navy men

Pakistan has had a significant impact, from the death penalty to the accusation of espionage against Indian ex-marines.  This has to do with submarines; Pakistan wants to purchase them as well. This is where Pakistan Navy Chief Admiral Mohammad Amjad Niazi and Qatar Air Force Commander Major General Jasim Mohammad come together.

They both met at the Naval Headquarters in Islamabad, Pakistan, on June 8, 2022. Indian sailors were taken into custody in Qatar on August 30, two months later. It is thought that only at Pakistan’s and ISI’s request were false accusations made against Indian marines.

Pakistani and Qatari military officials met in March of this year. Only following this meeting did Qatar declare the death penalty in seven closed-door hearings and begin court cases against Indian Marines.

How does Qatar support Hamas?

Similarly, prominent figures from the terrorist organization Hamas in Palestine are also in Qatar. Since 2012, Hamas Chief Ismail Haniya has been enjoying an opulent lifestyle in Doha. The day Hamas attacked Israel, October 7, Ismail was in Haniya, Qatar.

Furthermore, each month Qatar donates $30 million, or roughly Rs 250 crore, to Hamas. In addition, under the disguise of a ransom, Qatar gave the terrorist group Al Qaeda in Syria one billion dollars in 2017, or roughly 8.5 thousand crore rupees.

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