Darsheel Safary says Hukus Bukus doesn’t deal with propaganda or political elements, calls it ‘family film’ | Exclusive


Darsheel Safary says Hukus Bukus doesn’t deal with propaganda or political elements, calls it ‘family film’ | Exclusive

Darsheel Safary talks about his upcoming film Hukus Bukus wherein he essays the role of a cricketer.


Darsheel Safary, the young boy who won our hearts with his performance in Taare Zameen Par, is back and all set to enthrall the audience once again with his upcoming movie Hukus Bukus which also stars Arun Govil who plays the role of his father. 

Darsheel Safary is playing the role of a young cricketer inspired by Sachin Tendulkar in the movie and recently, in an exclusive chat with DNA, the actor talked about his film Hukus Bukus and revealed how he underwent physical transformation for the movie and trained hard to play the role of a cricketer in the movie. 

Talking about his film, Darsheel Safary said, “Hukus Bukus is a traditional song in Kashmir that talks about identity, It talks about ‘tu kaun main kaun’ and it talks about how we are very different in our identities, personalities, likes dislikes, faith religion, so many things, and how we are still united at our core. It talks about knowing yourself, through which you can unite with people. The film Hukus Bukus is about a young, absolutely crazy cricket fan, Arjun. He is Sachin Tendulkar’s die-hard fan. He has modeled his whole personality around him, which a lot of people at that age used to do.” 

He added, “There is his father played by Arun Govil who is playing the role of a Kashmiri Pandit. They have different beliefs because Arun Govil sir is a pandit so he believes in Lord Krishna, while my character believes in Lord Sachin Tendulkar. It is seen that at the start, you idolize your parents and then later you become rebellious and then you realize what they were planning for you was for your betterment. Our film has some insane cricket moments in the film because this young character of Arjun gets stuck in adult’s problems and because of it, they decide to have a cricket match and he has to grow in a very short span of time. So, it’s basically how situations come in your life and how you deal with them. So that’s what Hukus Bukus is all about.”

When asked how he landed the role in Hukus Bukus and what made him say yes to the role, the actor said, “I was actually doing theatre for the last 7-8 years and was looking for the right story, for the right script or character. Vinay Bhardwaj sir was there and he was seeing me perform on stage he met me backstage and said Darsheel we have a movie for you if you’d be interested and I was absolutely looking forward to coming back. I worked very hard on stage to perfect my skills as an actor and when Vinay sir told me that the movie was about cricket, I had the biggest smile on my face because I am a cricket fanatic myself, in fact, it is in my bloodline. My father played cricket for his college and won several trophies.”

He further added, that Hukus Bukus is a family film and doesn’t deal with any propaganda or political elements and said, “Sadly, I didn’t get the opportunity to play cricket myself. The good news was that this film does not deal with the controversial parts, those propaganda or political elements. Because I think that is not your film’s job. Your film’s job is to be on the side of the audience. The propaganda and agenda of the audience have to be followed. So our film doesn’t have those elements and you can take your entire family to watch the film. I am in the film for that reason. I had to get into a different shape. They wanted me to get a little fatter, and look like Sachin paaji while batting. I was absolutely thin for the other projects that I was getting into. So I said yes in the shortest span of time actually.”

Talking about the challenges he faced while shooting the film, the actor said that the physical transformation was never a challenge for him and said, “I was the happiest person because I was getting to eat whatever I wanted. The challenging party was, of course, a lot of the shoot had a lot of cricket. We had to train for cricket for two or three weeks nonstop to just get the hang of things and get into the body before we started shooting the cricket sequences. Whenever you shoot for a cricket film, you have to plan it in that way. It becomes a little tiring to get the shots right in that heat and atmosphere but in the end, we all are cricket fans. In fact, when were not shooting, we used to play cricket. We also got a lot of scoldings because we used to start playing cricket forgetting about the shoot.”

Darsheel revealed that while he would like to work with every actor in the film industry, he would love to work with filmmaker SS Rajamouli and said, “I would love to work with every actor because I am a part of the film industry. It’s actually the right script that I want to be associated with so as long as the script is fine, I’d love to. But if you ask me a director I want to work with next, it will definitely be SS Rajamouli sir. I think I have not prepared for how I’ll react when I meet him. I think I’ll just lie down on his feet if I get a chance to work with him.” 

Helmed by Vinay Bhardwaj, and written by Ranjit Singh Mashiana, Hukus Bukus stars Darsheel Safary, Arun Govil, Mir Sarwar, Gautam Vij, Meenakshi Chugh, Manish Gaharwar, and Sujata Sehgal among others in key roles and is scheduled to hit the theatres on November 3. 

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