Chandrababu Naidu hails India’s digital and IT sector, avers ‘no one can beat India’ | India News

The former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh and national president of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), N. Chandrababu Naidu, said that no country, globally, may be able to beat India with respect to digital and information technology “because the country has the largest number of youth.” Speaking at the valedictory function of the 20th anniversary of the Indian School of Business (ISB) on Friday that drew gathering from across the globe, alumni of the ISB and faculty of the service and retired, Chandrababu said: “India is going to become number one in the global economy. Things are happening across the globe only because of the Indians, particularly the youth.” “Nothing is impossible if you have a proper vision,” the TDP supremo stressed. 

“Indians are wealth creators globally and things are happening positively in the world only because of Indians and because of the youth,” said former Andra Pradesh CM.

Furthermore, he iterated that of the total number of Indians who migrated to various countries for either employment or as entrepreneurs, 30 percent of them are Telugu. During his interaction with the founding dean of the ISB, Dr. Pramanth Raj Sinha, Chandrababu emphasised that the first batch of the ISB that passed out was now either employed in India or abroad while some turned into entrepreneurs, many of whom were present in the meeting. Telugu States are now so developed that majority of the entrepreneurs are from here, he added.

“Entire credit of calling entrepreneurs as Andhrapreneurs goes to the whole graduates of the ISB as they spread to various countries to start their own units,” he said. 

The minister of the Indian state, who was the chief guest at the event, also shared his memories about how he turned Gachibowli into a technological hub, transforming it into a financial district. He also iterated that the state of Hyderabad, initially, did not figure in the list of cities where the ISB would be established. He then recalled how he pushed for the prestigious institute to be established there. Further, he said that he wanted to develop Amaravathi as an improved version of Hyderabad which has more advantages. “It is a new city while Hyderabad is a historic city which was already built long ago. We have limited chances of developing Hyderabad and I made use of all these facilities to promote the city globally. But, Amaravathi can be developed in a better way since it is a newly-built city,” he went on to add. 

“I convinced them to come to Hyderabad and I know pretty well that once they come to the city they can not say not to set up the institute here,” Chandrababu said.

‘Technological advancement must be encouraged..’ 

Speaking in context to the recent G-20 preparatory meeting, the former minister of Andhra Pradesh noted that technological advancement must be encouraged. “My vision for 2047 is that Indians will be wealth creators globally and Indians are going to dominate the global economy and ISB is going to play a major role in this,” he stated. Further labelling Indian youth as the greatest asset to the nation, the minister said that when India celebrates the 100th  year of Independence, ISB will have a major share in it. He urged the upcoming entrepreneurs to cement the gap between the haves and have-nots.

“You have to work on this. Otherwise, the wealth will be in the hands of a few people which is not good for society,” the former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh noted. 

“Indians are doing extremely well in all sectors,” Chandrababu said, adding that the ISB will retain the top position in the world among the global business schools. ISB graduates will not be employees, but “employers and will provide jobs to others,” he stressed. He also visited the site where he planted a sapling in 2011 on the ISB campus. He recalled how he planted the sapling that has now grown into a tree and wished that the ISB and its graduates too should grow similarly.   

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