Breast cancer awareness month 2022: 7 reasons why breast cancer is getting common in young women

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Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide. A few years ago, breast cancer was seen in women above 50 years of age, but today cases of breast cancer are also reported in girls and women below 30 years of age. The main reason for this can be a bad lifestyle and obesity. But apart from these, there can be many reasons for developing breast cancer at a young age.

Here are a few reasons why breast cancer is getting common in young women:

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1. Not breastfeeding properly- One of the reasons why girls or women are developing breast cancer at a young age is because they don’t breastfeed their child properly. It is very important to breastfeed the baby for at least 6 months after the delivery. Breastfeeding properly your child can avoid the risk of breast cancer.

2. Late pregnancy- If you get pregnant on time, you can avoid many health problems. Many women plan pregnancy after the age of 30-32 years, which invites breast cancer.

3. Long-term hormone therapy- Hormonal therapy is provided for the control of menopause. Hormone therapy has become very common, which increases the risk of breast cancer.

4. Smoking-Alcohol- Nowadays, along with men, women are also smoking and consuming alcohol. Smoking and alcohol increase the risk of breast cancer to a greater extent. Therefore, you should not consume them at all.

5. Genetic- Many times, because of a family history of having breast cancer, the children also get this cancer. But breast cancer can be prevented to a great extent by correcting a bad lifestyle, but genetics makes it a little more difficult to prevent.

6. Obesity- Obesity is one of the main causes of breast cancer or breast cancer. To avoid breast cancer, it is very important to keep your weight under control. Nowadays, women are getting indulge in junk food, and fast food, which cause obesity. Obesity increases the risk of breast cancer. 

Bad lifestyle- Unhealthy eating habits, and an inactive lifestyle increases the risk of breast cancer in women. Women who eat outside food instead of eating home food, are more likely to get breast cancer. Therefore, to avoid this, exercise or yoga should be done regularly. Also, a healthy diet should be taken.

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