Brazil plane crash: 14 dead as aircraft crashes while trying to land in heavy rain

The air taxi was carrying 12 tourists along with the pilot and co-pilot.

As many as 14 people, including passengers and crew, died after a medium-sized aircraft crashed in Barcelos, Brazil on Saturday afternoon, CNN Brasil reported. The Bandeirante model was carrying 12 tourists, along with the pilot and co-pilot. The report quoted the Civil Defence as saying that there were no survivors in the incident.

The crash took place as the plane was trying to land in the city, which is located about 400 km from the state capital, Manaus, from where it had taken off, CNN Brasil reported. The crash took place around 3 pm (Brazil time), according to the report.

The aeroplane possibly crashed due to bad weather, the report stated, adding that it was raining heavily at the time of landing. Further, according to CNN Brasil, the passengers in the ill-fated aircraft were going to practise recreational fishing.

The Center for Research and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (Cenipa) confirmed in a statement that investigators from the Seventh Regional Service for Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (Seripa VII) were asked to report to the site of the plane crash. Seripa VII is a regional body of Cenipa.

According to Cenipa, initially, special techniques are used to collect and confirm data, preserve evidence, verify damage caused to the aircraft, or by the aircraft and gather other important information for the investigation process, CNN Brasil reported.

The conclusion of the investigation will take the minimal time possible and will always depend on the complexity of each occurrence, the report stated, adding that the probe also needs to pinpoint possible contributing factors to the incident.

According to the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac), the aircraft belonged to the company named Manaus Taxi Aereo and was regularised and authorised to carry out air taxi service. Manaus Aerotaxi, a company that operated the aircraft, confirmed in a statement that the accident involved a PT-SOG place, according to CNN Brasil.

“The safety of passengers and crew is always the priority, so we are certain that the aircraft and crew involved in the accident met all civil aviation authority requirements necessary for airworthiness, and we are committed to clarifying all details related to this accident,” it stated.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this tragic event,” the statement added.

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