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BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi slammed Rahul Gandhi for baseless China criticism.

BJP Spokesperson rebuts Congress MP Rahul Gandhi's claims.

BJP Spokesperson rebuts Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s claims. | Image: X / ANI

Sudhanshu Trivedi, the spokesperson for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), launched a scathing attack on Rahul Gandhi, the recently reinstated Member of Parliament from Wayanad on August 25. The BJP spokesperson lambasted the Congress leader for what he called “baseless arguments against India about China,” in reference to the relentless rants by the Congress leader. The BJP spokesperson inquired, “Why does Rahul Gandhi love talking about China again and again?”

The reinstated Congress MP reiterated his ‘China has taken Indian land’ stance on the border dispute with China in an address held in Kargil, Ladakh, earlier today. He stated, “…Ladakh is a strategic location… One thing is very clear: China has taken away India’s land… It is sad that the PM, in the opposition meeting, said that not even an inch of Ladakh has been taken by China. This is a lie…”

Trivedi questioned Gandhi’s authority to discuss India’s relations with China and urged the Congress Party to disclose any past agreements with the Communist Party of China. Trivedi asserted, “The Congress Party should publicise its agreement with the Communist Party of China.” He cited the Doklam standoff, alleging that Gandhi had been dining with the Chinese Ambassador at the time. Trivedi further criticised Gandhi for consistently raising the China issue and pressed him for clarification on his alleged engagements with China.

The BJP spokesperson also brought up the claim that former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had sent ‘3500 tonnes of rice’ to China during a period of reported atrocities in Tibet by the Chinese army. Meanwhile, “Rhastriya Swayam Sevak helped Indian govt during war, even Nehru applauded RSS & invited them on 26 jan.”Trivedi also touted the achievements of the Modi government, citing unprecedented successes across various sectors under its leadership. He lauded the government’s declaration of Masood Azhar as a global terrorist, even in the face of opposition from China.

Taking a dig at the Congress party,  he urged them to reveal any agreements they might have had with the Communist Party of China and advised them to learn from the BJP’s approach to being in the opposition. Concluding the address on the issue of terrorism, Trivedi stated, “Terror incidents from chandigarh to chennai, delhi to mumbai & from gujarat to guwahati occurred in your regime.” He added, “Terror & talks cannot go together, so there have been no bilateral meetings, between India and Pakistan, in the last 9 years.”

Gandhi had made similar statements on the occasion of the birth anniversary of his father and former Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi. He remarked, “The concern here, of course, is that China has seized the land… People have stated that China’s military has encroached upon the region, taking away their grazing land. However, the Prime Minister stated that not even an inch of land was lost. Regrettably, this is not accurate. You can inquire of anyone present here.”

This statement follows a day after Prime Minister Modi’s brief exchange with Chinese President Xi Jinping during the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg. The exchange of words at the BRICS summit was against the backdrop of ongoing border tensions between India and China. This encounter follows the strained relations triggered by the Ladakh border dispute, persisting since May 2020. Both leaders engaged in informal talks during the G20 summit in Bali the previous year. Recent rounds of diplomatic and military discussions have aimed to alleviate tensions, with a focus on resolving issues at friction points like Depsang and Demchok. The exchange underscores the ongoing efforts to address the complex border conditions.

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