#ArrestBillGates trends in India: Heres why netizens demand Microsoft founders arrest

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Embroiled in controversy over his divorce settlement and his illicit affair, Bill Gates now faces another set of grave charges, this time from India.

Arrest Bill Gates

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates funded an NGO to carry out unauthorized clinical trials of a vaccine on tribal children in India, a report stated on Sunday. Embroiled in controversy over his divorce settlement with Melinda Gates and his illicit affair with a female employee in Microsoft, the latest charges against Bill Gates are extremely serious and a matter of grave concern. After the report came to light, ‘Arrest Bill Gates’ began trending in India with netizens demanding action against the billionaire. So what is the latest Bill Gates news about? 

Bill Gates’s foundation funded unauthorized clinical trials 

On Sunday, a report in India’s quarterly journal GreatGameIndia revealed that a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) funded a non-governmental organization — NGO PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology in Health) based in Seattle to carry out trials for HPV vaccine on over 14,000 tribal girls in 2009 in Telangana’s Khammam. Two types of HPV vaccines– Gardasil by Merck and Cervarix by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) were used in the project which was directly funded by BMGF on the tribal girls. 

“It did so without providing information about the risks involved, without the informed consent of the children or their parents and without even declaring that it was conducting a clinical trial,” alleged the report.

Pertinently, Khammam is said to be one of the poorest and least developed rural areas in India and is home to several ethnic tribal groups. The tribal girls recruited in the project were all underage between 10-14 years and belonged to low-income families and predominantly tribal backgrounds. Most were roped in for the trials by the Bill Gates NGO in India without their parent’s consent. 

The matter only came to light in 2010, after Delhi-based NGO Sama unearthed that the trials had gone severely wrong and that at least 120 girls had experienced adverse reactions, including epileptic seizures, severe stomach ache, headaches, and mood swings.

“Many of the vaccinated girls continue to suffer from stomach aches, headaches, giddiness and exhaustion. There have been reports of early onset of menstruation, heavy bleeding and severe menstrual cramps, extreme mood swings, irritability, and uneasiness following the vaccination. No systematic follow up or monitoring has been carried out by the vaccine providers,” as per the report. 

Netizens react

Bill Gates has sterilized many Indian tribal girls

And have also tested indigenous vaccine on those girls.

Which has ruined the lives of all those girls

How can such a famous man do such a big wrong job?

So today we all demand that#ArrestBillGates pic.twitter.com/6wV4yQNnvO

— MD Umair khan (@Khan____INC) May 29, 2021

It’s heartbreaking news

#ArrestBillGates who killed the humility, but sensitive thing who has permitted him in India for the trial of vaccine on tribal girls? It’s indicating so many things including the level of degradation looking the highest level of Dracula.@HansrajMeena

— Virendra kumar (@Virendr69180344) May 29, 2021

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