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Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about his iconic film titled The Terminator and how the movie predicted the future of artificial intelligence accurately.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about Terminator and its similarities with AI. (Image: Twitter)

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a popular American-Austrian actor and a retired professional bodybuilder. The actor is best known for his roles in films like Terminator, Predator, and more. Recently, the actor talked about the Terminator franchise and how it predicted the future of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

3 things you need to know

  • The Terminator was the film that established Arnold Schwarzenegger as a star. 
  • The actor spoke about The Terminator and its relevance with AI.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger also addressed other concerns surrounding AI. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals that Terminator predicted AI’s rise

According to reports by People, veteran actor Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about the similarities between The Terminator and Artificial Intelligence in the present day. During An Evening with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Los Angeles, the actor opened up about his admiration for James Cameron and his popular Terminator franchise. At the event, he said, “Today, everyone is frightened of it, of where this is gonna go, and in this movie, in Terminator, we talk about the machines becoming self-aware and they take over.”


(Arnold Schwarzenegger opens up about Terminator and its relevance with AI. | Image: Twitter)

The actor further addressed the brilliance of writing back in 1984 when he starred as a cyborg and said, “At that time we had scratched the surface of AI, artificial intelligence.” He said that over the years, it has become a reality and it is no more a fantasy or something that is futuristic. Arnold further lauded the efforts and extraordinary writing of Cameron. 

“Now over the course of decades, it has become a reality. So it’s not any more fantasy or kind of futuristic. It is here today. And so this is the extraordinary writing of Jim Cameron,” he said

Arnold Schwarzenegger on working with James Cameron

As per Hollywood Reporter, Arnold Schwarzenegger opened up on working with James Cameron and how he convinced him to say his iconic dialogue, “I’ll be back,” what featured in The Terminator. The Predator actor revealed that he debated with the filmmaker on saying “I will be back” instead of “I’ll be back.” However, the two settled on one dialogue and fans loved it. 

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