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Ameesha Patel revealed how mismanagement surrounded the filming of Gadar 2 during the last schedule in May. The actress will reprise her role in the sequel.

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Ameesha Patel accused Anil Sharma Productions of gross mismanagement during the final schedule of Gadar 2 (Image: ameeshapatel9/Instagram)

Ameesha Patel, who will next be seen in Gadar 2 alongside Sunny Deol, levied some accusations against the production house backing the film. Taking Anil Sharma Productions’ name in particular, she detailed the tough circumstances that the Chandigarh schedule of the film was shot in. Ameesha, who plays Sakeena in the 2001 film and its upcoming sequel, took to her Twitter handle to detail the working conditions on the sets of Gadar 2.

3 things you need to know

  • Ameesha Patel will be returning to the silver screen with Gadar 2 after a break.
  • She was last seen in 2018 film Bhaiaji Superstar in the role of Mallika Kapoor.
  • The actress will be reprising her role as Sakeena opposite Sunny Deol’s Tara Singh for Gadar 2.

Ameesha Patel speaks out against Gadar 2 production house 

Across a series of tweets, Ameesha revealed the difficult conditions under which the final schedule of the film, shot in Chandigarh in the month of May, was conducted. She openly accused Anil Sharma Productions of not paying several technicians, including makeup artists and costume designers. Additionally, she also alleged how the mismanagement even extended beyond the crew to the main cast. 

Ameesha Patel reveals mismanagement by Anil Sharma Productions for the Chandigarh schedule of Gadar 2 | Image: @ameesha_patel/Twitter

(Ameesha Patel reveals mismanagement by Anil Sharma Productions for the Chandigarh schedule of Gadar 2 | Image: @ameesha_patel/Twitter)

(Ameesha said a lot of mismanagement went down on the set of Gadar 2 during the last schedule in Chandigarh | Image: Twitter) 

(Ameesha revealed how production house Zee Studios stepped in to help the cast and crew on Gadar 2 set | Image: Twitter) 

(Ameesha said that in May, cast and crew faced a lot of difficulty on set while shooting Gadar 2 | Image: Twitter)

The actress revealed how food bills were left unpaid. Not just that, transport was a major issue with cars not being provided to the cast and crew as needed. This allegedly continued on till the very last day of the Chandigarh schedule when there were no cars available to take them to the airport as they were left stranded.

Ameesha Patel thanks co-producers for stepping in

In the tweets levying accusations against Anil Sharma Productions, the actress also made it a point to appreciate Zee Studios. She revealed how every time the former faltered, the co-producers stepped in to correct their mismanagement. This included the unpaid bills as well as the held back remunerations. Gadar 2, starring Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel, will be released on August 11. The sequel is releasing 22 years after the first film hit the big screens. Anil Shrma will be returning as the director.  

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