PM Modi meets Argentina P holds talks to deepen commercial, cultural relations

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PM Modi, ahead of the G7 Summit met the Argentina President Alberto Fernandez and explored avenues to further enhance cultural and commercial relations.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, ahead of the G7 Summit, met Argentina President Alberto Fernandez and explored avenues to further enhance cultural and commercial relations between both nations. Earlier, PM Modi also addressed the Indian community living in Germany on June 26.

PM Modi tweeted about his meeting with the Argentina President and said, “Accelerating friendship with Argentina. [email protected] held talks with [email protected] in Munich. The two leaders discussed ways to deepen commercial and cultural linkages between India and Argentina.”

India-Argentina relations

Commercial relations

During the state visit of President of Argentina in February 2019, the bilateral relations between both nations were raised to that of strategic partnership. Apart from several meetings between senior government officials from both countries, in their respective countries, the bilateral trade has also been growing.

It reached a historic peak of $5.7 billion in the year 2021, with a growth rate of 72% in 2020. The exports from India to Argentina clocked $1.4 billion while the imports from Argentina were $ 4.3 billion in the same year. In 2021, India became the fourth largest trading partner of Argentina, according to Argentine official statistical agency, INDEC.

Cultural relations

The following of some of the Indian social organisations in Argentina – Brahmakumari, Art of Living, Rama Krishna Mission, Sivananda Yoga and ISKCON is high. FM Felipe Solá participated in the conclusion of the [email protected] celebrations in Buenos Aires on 02 October 2020. Further, President Alberto Fernández addressed a letter to Prime Minister of India on the occasion.

All the seven International Yoga Day celebrations have seen large scale participation not only in the capital Buenos Aires but across all provinces in the country. 


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