PM Modi addresses 28th NHRC Foundation Day highlights need to protect human rights

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, October 12, addressed the 28th National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) foundation day programme through video conferencing. Union home minister Amit Shah and NHRC chairperson Justice Arun Kumar Mishra participated in the event. 

Referring to Mahatma Gandhi’s introduced path of ‘Ahimsa’ as a universal solution to resolve issues, PM Modi said, “At a time when the whole world was engulfed in the violence of World War I, India suggested the path of ‘rights and non-violence’ to the whole world. Not only the country but the whole world sees our Bapu as a symbol of human rights and human values”.

Modi further said that India’s struggle for freedom is a great inspirational story in terms of human rights for the country. He added, as a nation, as a society, people fought for their rights, resisted injustice and atrocities for centuries. 

Highlighting India’s belief in non-violence, Prime Minister said, “For the past decade, when the world was confused on how to tackle conflict or war-like situation, India has always been committed to human rights and has been sensitive”.

Further referring to the modern-day concept of Human Rights, PM Modi stated that some people these days interpret human rights in their own way, according to their own interests.

He added, “Human rights are grossly violated when they are viewed with a political colour, viewed through a political lens, weighed with the scales of political profit and loss. This kind of selective behaviour is equally harmful to democracy”. 

Empowering women & specially-abled individuals

Speaking of benefits provided to working women, PM Modi informed, “Today, many sectors of work have been opened for women, it is being ensured that they can work 24 hours with security. Big countries of the world are not able to do this but today India is giving 26 weeks of paid maternity leave to career women”.

Hailing the achievements of para-athletes in the Tokyo Olympics, Modi said that for the past few years, laws have been made to empower and provide new facilities to the differently-abled.

He added that amid the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic, financial assistance was directly provided to the poor, and elderly aged people. And to further help migrant workers not wander for ration, the ‘One Nation One Ration Card’ facility has been initiated. 

(Image: ANI)

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