Philippines students create amusing anti-cheating headgear during college see pics

The internet is a fun place where people often find photos and videos which blow their minds. One such incident happened in the Philippines when images of students donning “anti-cheating” headgear during college examinations went viral on social media.

According to the BBC report, a college in Legazpi City asked its students to put on headwear to prevent them from looking at other students’ papers. In response to the request, several students constructed their own “anti-cheating hats” out of recycled materials which included cardboard, egg cartons, and other items. 

Furthermore, Mechanical engineering professor Mary Joy Mandane-Ortiz of Bicol University College of Engineering told the BBC in an interview that she had been searching for a “fun way” to maintain “integrity and honesty” in her classes. She further claimed that the concept had proven “really effective.” This happened during the most recent midterm examinations, which were taken at the institution during the third week of October by hundreds of students. 

Anti-cheating hats in Philippines

A series of images were posted on Facebook by Mary Joy Mandane-Ortiz, showing the students taking their midterm exams while wearing their extravagant inventions. Students were seen to be wearing paper wigs, creative hats, Halloween masks as well as unique design helmets. The professor posted the images with the caption, “Anti-cheating Hard Entry of 3B MIDTERM EXAM CHRONICLES IN ENGINEERING”  

As per the BBC report, the professor stated that her first instruction had been for students to create a “simple” paper design. She even asserted that she was motivated by a method that was allegedly utilised in Thailand a while back. A photo that appeared to show university students in Bangkok completing tests while using “ear flaps”—sheets of paper taped to each side of their heads to block their vision, went viral in the year 2013. 

According to Prof. Mandane-Ortiz, her Philippines students took the concept and ran with it, inventing intricate headgear in some cases in “just five minutes” with anything they could find lying about. As per the BBC report, the images apparently also gave other schools and colleges around the nation the idea to push their own students to create anti-cheating headgear.  

(Image: Facebook_Mandane-Ortiz R Mary Joy)

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