Patrick Dempsey denies rumors of new show with ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ costar Ellen Pompeo

“I haven’t read anything, I haven’t seen anything, and I haven’t talked to her about it.”

Dempsey, who portrayed the “McDreamy” Derek Shepherd to Pompeo’s Meredith Grey during the first 11 seasons of the medical drama, denied rumors that the two are working on a new series together following news that Pompeo would scale back her on-screen presence amid Grey’s‘ season 19 run. She’ll remain as an executive producer and provide voiceover narration on the show, and is expected to return for the finale.

“I saw that too,” Dempsey — who is currently promoting his Enchanted sequel, Disenchanted — tells EW of the rumors. “I think it’s just probably because the show is on. . . and of course she’s made an announcement, I think, about leaving the show or she’s not on this season. It just is a real testament to the fans that they want to see that couple still together and what an impact it is.”

“But no,” Dempsey adds. “I haven’t read anything, I haven’t seen anything, and I haven’t talked to her about it.”


Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

| Credit: Bob D’Amico/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Regardless, the actor is “very grateful” to have had the opportunity to work with Pompeo, comparing their working relationship to a sports team. The analogy also applies to his Disenchanted costar Amy Adams. “It’s like if you play tennis or you play sports or you do anything, you want a good partner to play off from,” he says. “And I’ve been very fortunate with both.”

“They’re incredible in what they do and it makes your job so much easier because all you have to do is just be present, listen, and play with them,” Dempsey says. “And that’s been something that I’ve really enjoyed and I’m very grateful I’ve had the opportunity to work with both of them.”

In the highly-anticipated Enchanted sequel, in theaters Nov. 18, Dempsey’s Robert and Adams’ Giselle hit a “bumpy patch,” Adams teased to EW last month. “Everything is changing, life evolved, and she has a baby now, baby Sophia,” Adams said. “Things have just evolved between them.”

With reporting by Yolanda Machado.

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