Pakistani girl Ayesha is back with her mesmerizing dance performance on ‘Batiyan Bhujai Rakhdi’

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New Delhi: A Pakistani girl’s dance moves have wowed social media users. Well, the 18-year-old girl namely Ayesha, who hails from Lahore performed a mesmerizing dance to Lata Mangeshkar’s Mera Dil Ye Pukare at a wedding and became an overnight sensation after the clip of the performance went viral on the Internet. The video shows the guests sitting behind her completely enthralled by Ayesha’s elegant dance moves. Since then Instagram is just brimming with reels with people attempting to recreate her iconic performance. Now the internet sensation Ayesha is back with a new video. This time she can be seen grooving to Shazia Manzoor’s ‘Batiyan Bhujai Rakhdi’ in Pakistani TV show. The short segment is shared on Instagram account named @aleybhaidani and it has already garnered 88,238 likes till now. 

 In the short clip, Ayesha grooved to the yesteryear’s ‘Batiyan Bhujai Rakhdi’ song and absolutely nailed it. Her moves were simply on-point. Ayesha is sporting a green-coloured outfit same like in the previous video.  She can be seen dancing with absolute elegance and sheer grace and you might end up watching the clip on loop, just like us. “Dance Moves #viralgirl #viraldance #ayesha” reads the caption. 

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Ayesha’s mesmerizing dance moves appear to have captivated internet users, as her latest dance video is been continuously racking up views. It has received over two million views and nearly 90,000 likes. Instagram users flooded the comments section with praise for  Ayesha’s elegant dance moves.

“Seen this video more than 60 times still can’t stop praising her,” expressed an Instagram user. “Awww Ayesha you are so damn good Itna enjoy karke dance karna hay bs zindagi me!” posted another. “She is a perfect dancer..huge fan from India,” commented a third. “Yarrr iss song or dance me kuch alag hi feel hai.. very well done ayesha,” wrote a fourth.

And, if you need to refresh your memories, here’s the viral dance performance of Ayesha:

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