Orthodontics at Farmington CT

Orthodontics is a great way for improving the appearance of your smile in Farmington CT. No matter if you are looking to get Invisalign, or traditional braces, there is a Farmington CT dentist that can help you. Your local dentist will make sure you are comfortable while you receive treatment.


Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that can help you straighten your teeth. Invisalign uses transparent aligners to slowly straighten your teeth, instead of using metal braces. The system uses a series of custom-made plastic alignertrays. These trays can be easily removed and made virtually invisible.

Invisalign is a quick and painless way to achieve your desired results. This will depend upon the complexity of the case and how long you’ve been wearing the aligners.

You will get the best Invisalign results if you follow these guidelines. Make sure to floss after every meal and wear your retainers at bedtime. This will slow down the process, and can increase the time required for treatment.

Invisalign works well in most orthodontic cases. But it can also help with crooked or overbites. It may lower the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. It can also allow you to smile more freely.

Invisalign utilizes 3-D computer imaging to create virtual representations of your teeth. This information is used by the dentist to design a customized treatment plan to place your teeth in the best possible position. Your aligners will fit snugly over your teeth. Each aligner must be worn for a minimum of two weeks before the next one can be used.


Orthodontic treatments might be an option for you if your child has crooked, or you are a parent who is looking after your child. ClearCorrect might be a better option than braces. ClearCorrect uses a set of clear plastic aligners, which move your teeth along an established path. The process is relatively painless and takes just two weeks. However, you will need to wear the devices for at most 22 hours daily. You’ll be able sleep through the whole process.

Orthodontics might not be right for you, but they can make an enormous difference to your smile. A consultation with your dentist is required. During your visit, your dentist will conduct a thorough evaluation of you and your lifestyle. Then, you’ll receive a personalized treatment plan. This is the most important thing, as it is the plan you’ll use for the longest time.


Farmington, CT offers a wide range of dentofacial orthodontic specialists. They can help with questions regarding scheduling, payment, dental benefits and other topics.

Orthodontics, a specialty of dentistry, is one branch. The practice involves the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, as well as treatment of malocclusion (or misalignment) of teeth. Additionally, the practice includes the design, development and use of functional devices. This includes braces as well as retainers.

American Board of Orthodontics has the distinction of being the only orthodontic specialty board to be recognized by the American Dental Association. It requires that doctors obtain a degree from an approved school, complete a oneyear residency program, then pass the certification examination.

Valley Orthodontics in Farmington is a dental office that specializes primarily in braces, retainers and any other types of teeth correction. The practice was started in 2010 and has seen steady growth. It employs six employees and generates $285.899 annually in revenue.

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses clear aligners. It corrects overbites and crowding. These aligners are created from digital scans that your dentist has taken of your teeth. It is crucial to clean your teeth and gums during treatment. Failure to do so could lead to increased cavities.

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