‘Nobody said they saw my client pee, courtesy was his mistake’: Pee-gate accused’s lawyer | India News

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In an exclusive conversation with Republic, Shankar Mishra’s lawyer Ishanee Sharma said, “Not even one person said that they saw my client pee.”

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The lawyer of Pee Gate accused Shankar Mishra, Ishanee Sharma, on Friday, said that there is no eyewitness who saw her client pee on an elderly woman onboard an Air India flight. She also stated that the only mistake that Shankar Mishra did was to be over-courteous to the complainant.

In an exclusive conversation with Republic, Sharma said, “Not even one person said that they saw my client pee…I agree that the first thing my client should have done is gotten up and looked at (and said) ‘Oh, my god I couldn’t have done this’ and denied it. His only mistake was to be naive and courteous enough and listen to the woman not knowing that the woman would put a section on him for outraging her modesty with sexual intent. The only mistake of my client was being over-courteous.”

She also stressed that the complainant’s claims are not proven yet. “It is a matter which will be decided by a trial,” Sharma said.

Earlier in the day, Shankar Mishra’s lawyer told a Delhi court that Mishra did not commit the offensive act and that it was the 70-year-old woman in question who urinated on her seat.  

Does a woman travelling in business class take urine-soaked clothes back?: Misha’s lawyer

Furthermore, Shankar Mishra’s lawyer asked if any woman travelling in business class would take ‘urine-soaked’ clothes back.

“The woman said you ruined certain articles of mine worth $200. He said I’ll pay you $200 dollars. It was not compensation. Does any woman travelling in Business class take urine-soaked clothes back? Was all her trauma worth that much? If the complaint was made that day, the urine could be tested,” Sharma said.

The alleged incident took place on November 26, 2022, on the business class of an Air India New York-New Delhi flight when Mishra, allegedly, in an intoxicated condition, walked up to the 70-year-old woman’s seat, exposed himself and urinated on her.

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