News24.com | Two suspects linked to notorious Mamelodi gang charged with fraud, theft

  • The gang in Mamelodi is named after the jihadist extremist organisation in Western Africa.
  • Two suspects linked to the gang were arrested on Wednesday, on charges of theft, trespassing, and fraud. 
  • It’s alleged that the suspects were illegally collecting money from tenants at the Inkandla Hostel in Mamelodi.

Two suspects linked to the alleged infamous gang called Boko Haram have been charged with theft and fraud.

Police have been investigating the group, named after the jihadist extremist organisation in Western Africa, after several complaints were laid by Mamelodi residents and businesses relating to theft and extortion.

In a statement on Friday, police said that two suspects linked to the gang appeared in the Mamelodi Magistrate’s Court on charges of theft, fraud, and trespassing.

It is alleged that the suspects were illegally collecting money from tenants at the Inkandla Hostel in Mamelodi.

“The pair has been remanded in custody pending their next court appearance on 11 March 2021, while a prosecutorial-led investigation is underway towards building a watertight case. The possibility of more arrests cannot be ruled out as police anticipate that more victims could come forward,” police spokesperson Brigadier Mathapelo Peters said.


The suspects, a man and woman, both aged 37, were arrested on Wednesday in an intelligence-led operation.

The arrests followed intensified investigations by a multi-disciplinary team after an appeal was made for community members to come forward with information about the gang.

“Gauteng police commissioner, Lieutenant General Mawela urged the Tshwane multi-disciplinary team to continue with the good work until this so-called Boko Haram becomes a thing of the past, in the best interests of the people of Mamelodi,” Peters said.

“With this kind of collaboration, we are optimistic that several cases relating to the Boko Haram, some dating as far back as 2018, would be cracked and the suspects duly apprehended and brought to book,” Mawela said.

“Those victims who withdrew their cases or previously refused to give statements or participate in identity parades, citing fear or intimidation by the Boko Haram, are encouraged to reconsider and reopen their cases so that the perpetrators get arrested and prosecuted.”

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