Netizens share mixed responses after actor spots chicken in vegetarian food ordered via Swiggy

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Instances of insects in food ordered from outside are becoming quiet frequent these days. Recently, Tamil actor, lyrist and dialogue writer Ko Sesha ordered vegetarian food from Swiggy. Later, the actor claimed that his religious sentiments have been hurt as he found chicken pieces in his vegetarian dish.

He took to Twitter to share the entire incident and expressed his anger as the food-delivery application agreed to give him just Rs 70 as compensation.

Ko Sesha tweeted that chicken pieces have been found in the ‘Gobi Manchurian with corn fried rice’ that he ordered from a restaurant named The Bowl Company through Swiggy.

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Further, he wrote that he has been a vegetarian his entire life and his religious sentiments have been hurt. He demanded that the state had level officer of Swiggy should call and apologise for the error.

To call upon the food-delivering platform, the actor tagged Swiggy’s @SwiggyCares, @Swiggy and @tbc_india handler of The Bowl Company in his tweet.

Found pieces of chicken meat in the “Gobi Manchurian with Corn Fried Rice” that i ordered on @Swiggy from the @tbc_india. What’s worse was Swiggy customer care offered me a compensation of Rs. 70 (!!!) for “offending my religious sentiments”. 1/2 pic.twitter.com/4slmyooYWq

— Ko Sesha (@KoSesha) August 17, 2022

While Ko Sesha was infuriated, netizens gave mixed reactions to this incident. Some people criticised him for ordering food from a restaurant that serves both non-vegetarian and vegetarian food if he is a strict vegetarian. Few people supported the actor’s stance but many added that he shouldn’t drag religion in this matter.

Another user said that the picture that he has shared on Twitter doesn’t seem to be of chicken. “How do you know it’s chicken? At the same time, a user even said that it could have been goat meat, fish or something else. I am surprised that despite being a vegetarian, you know the difference in meat,” he added.

A Twitter user spoke in favour of Swiggy, claiming that the food-delivery platform has no role in making the dish and their only job is to deliver the food. As the delivery boys can’t usually see what’s inside the packed food, it is unfair to call upon Swiggy.

Several Twitter users claimed that Sesha should take legal action in this matter. Others, who faced similar problems with Swiggy earlier, took the opportunity to share their experiences.

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