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Following the spine-chilling crash of the Nepal aircraft ANC ATR 72 that claimed the lives of 68 passengers onboard, Republic has managed to access the ground speed and altitude range of the flight before it nosedived in western Nepal’s Pokhara. As per the graph showcasing the details of the aircraft’s movement, it has been learned that the pilot somehow managed to maintain the speed of the aircraft for nearly 40 minutes before the crash took place. 

According to the details revealed in the graph, it has been revealed that the Nepal aircraft rose to a peak altitude of almost 1,24,900 feet. Notably, the altitude at which the aircraft was flying was unnatural as commercial aircrafts typically fly between 31,000 and 38,000 feet high and usually reach their cruising altitudes in the first 10 minutes of the take-off. 

It has been found that at 3:33 AM UTC (nearly 9:03 AM according to the local time) the flight rose to the maximum altitude of almost 1,24,900 feet with a track angle of 20 degrees and 78 kts ground speed before it crashed. However, it is important to note that the altitude and ground speed of the aircraft changed frequently in the last 40 minutes before the crash.

Meanwhile, at 3:16 AM UTC (nearly 8:46 AM according to the local time), the ground speed of the aircraft was reported to be at the peak at 290 kts at an altitude of 32,600 feet. 

Here’s the graph of the aircraft’s movement: 

Nepal plane with 72 onboard crashes

A Nepal flight carrying 68 passengers and four crew members from Kathmandu crashed in Pokhara on Sunday, January 15. The aircraft ANC ATR 72 which belonged to Yeti Airlines reportedly crashed between the old airport and the Pokhara International Airport. According to the preliminary report, 68 passengers, and 4 crew members are dead in the crash. As of now, 40 dead bodies have been recovered from the crash site and rescue operation is ongoing.

According to the airport authority, the Yeti Airlines flight that crashed in Pokhara, Nepal, was carrying 53 Nepalese, five Indians, four Russians, two Koreans, one Irish, one Argentinian, and one French national onboard. 

The fatal aircraft crash is believed to be Nepal’s deadliest since 1992, where all 167 people aboard a Pakistan International Airlines plane died when it crashed on approach to Kathmandu.

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