Myanmar political crisis risks ruining childrens future, fears UN Child Rights Committee

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Children’s rights are under siege in Myanmar as a result of the country’s prolonged political instability, said the UN Child Rights Committee.


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The UN Baby Rights Committee (CRC) has warned that as a result of Myanmar’s protracted political crisis, children’s rights are under siege, with the risk of a full era being shattered. According to credible information collected by the Committee, 75 children have been slain, about 1,000 have been unlawfully detained, and many more have been deprived of essential medical care and education since the army coup in February.

UN Child Rights Committee on Myanmar political crisis

Mikiko Otani, Chair of the CRC, said, “Kids in Myanmar are beneath siege and going through the catastrophic lack of life due to the army coup.”

Since the army ousted the elected government and seized power on 1 February, about 6,000 people have been arbitrarily jailed in Myanmar. In addition, over 900 people, including children, were killed, with many more injured. The Committee monitors states’ adherence to the Baby Rights Conference’s events. In 1991, Myanmar became a member of the Conference. The Committee strongly opposed the junta’s and police’s killing of children. Some victims were slain in their homes, such as a six-year-old girl in Mandalay who was shot in the abdomen by police and died in her father’s arms.

In addition, the CRC condemned the arbitrary detention of children in police stations, prisons, and military detention facilities.  When army authorities are unable to apprehend their parents, they are said to have taken children as hostages. Among those detained is a five-year-old girl from the Mandalay area, whose father helped organise anti-junta protests.

Myanmar political crisis risks damaging generation of children: UN

“Kids are uncovered to indiscriminate violence, random shootings and arbitrary arrests on a daily basis. They’ve weapons pointed at them, and see the identical occur to their dad and mom and siblings,” Otani warned.

The Committee is deeply concerned about the nationwide disruption of critical medical services and education, as well as access to safe drinking water and food for children in rural regions.  The UN Human Rights Office has had convincing reports of hospitals, colleges, and religious institutions being occupied by security forces and then destroyed in army actions. According to UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, 1,000,000 children in Myanmar are missing critical vaccines. More than 40,000 children are not receiving treatment for severe acute malnutrition.

“On account of the army coup and conflicts, kids’ proper to life, survival and improvement have been repeatedly violated. “If this disaster continues, a complete era of kids is vulnerable to struggling profound bodily, psychological, emotional, instructional and financial penalties, depriving them of a wholesome and productive future,” stated Otani.

The Committee called for swift action to find a peaceful solution to the crisis and encouraged Myanmar to follow its duties under the Conference to protect and promote children’s rights to the fullest extent possible.

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Picture Credit: AP

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