Microsoft lays off 10,000 employees, sacked employees seek new job on LinkedIn

Reported By:DNA Web Team| Edited By: DNA Web Team |Source: DNA Web Desk |Updated: Mar 11, 2023, 05:07 PM IST

Microsoft has completed its third round of layoffs as part of the 10,000 staff reductions the company indicated it would make this year. This round involved staff members in the supply chain, artificial intelligence, and internet of things jobs (IoT).

According to a Microsoft spokesman who talked with CRN, the job layoffs affected different levels, departments, teams, and geographical areas.

One of these staff members is former Microsoft Senior Product Manager Vandan Kaushik, who announced on LinkedIn that he had been fired and was seeking out better job alternatives.

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Kaushik wrote in a LinkedIn post that his entire team was laid off. He further added, “After eight years, my time at Microsoft has come to an abrupt end, but it has been extremely rewarding. I’ve had the opportunity to experience multiple positions, from launching new ad types on Bing! to supporting international customers on Azure.”

He continues expressing how much he enjoyed his ride in the last 2 years where he got the opportunity to work in several domains. He is further looking for new job opportunities. “ I plan to pursue things that I have been putting off and improve my skills. If you know of any Technical Product Owner roles available, please let me know. I am excited to see where this new turn in my journey will take me,” Kaushik wrote.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that the company is laying off thousands of employees as a result of macroeconomic conditions and changing customer priorities.

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