Meet Veidehi Gite, The Change Maker Shaping The Future of Travel Industry

Veidehi Gite, born on 13th February 1981, is the founder of the Krazy Butterfly. She is a former advertising professional who quit her job at WPP as Head PR and communications to pursue her love for travelling. At the age of 35, Veidehi Gite founded Krazy Butterfly, a luxury travel platform that documents her travel stories from across the world. Initially, what she started as a one-woman army has now grown to a team of over ten people. Veidehi Gite hails from Indore but, after spending two decades in Mumbai, she likes to call Maharashtra her home. Her travel journey has been featured, in many eminent newspapers and magazines.

Veidehi Gite is a Mumbai-based author, travel journalist, content creator, and India’s best luxury travel and lifestyle influencer who has won multiple awards in the last few years. We got chatting with her, to understand how she is shaping the future of travel in India. In a fascinating turn of events, Veidehi shares with us the details of her travel journey, how it has transformed her for good and how she plans on implementing her expertise to ameliorating the travel industry in India.

Miss Gite, what kind of traveller and travel journalist are you?

I, started, as a business traveller, however with time, I have evolved into a full-time luxury traveller, part-time flashpacker, occasional long term traveller and a regular weekend adventurer. I explore at least nine to ten new places each year, comprising national and international destinations. Even with luxury travel as my specialisation, I try to capture the best of culture, heritage and local lifestyle that I can.

Are you a full-time blogger? What inspired The Krazy Butterfly? What do you wish to accomplish with the site, and who is your target audience?

Yes! I’m grateful that what began as an experiential undertaking in September 2016 is now a full-time business. I took a trip to Europe and Scandinavia, in 2016 and upon returning, discovered my passion for travel writing and the importance of sharing travel stories to make travelling easier for other commuters. Krazy Butterfly is a journal for curious travellers that serves as a creative outlet by consolidating facts, photography, and everything you need to know about a destination and its local culture. I write for everyone, male or female, young or old. All that I want to deliver through Krazy Butterfly is for other travellers to have the similar wondrous experiences I have been blessed to have.

What are some of the most important lessons you have learned during your travels?

One of the greatest lessons I have learned through travelling is that we need very little to be happy. Leaving your comfort zone, forming bonds with strangers, and creating good memories render more lasting happiness than material possessions. Besides, every time I travel, I feel more liberated, more connected to new cultures and closer to nature like never before.

What inspires you to travel and which is that one destination that blew your mind away?

Travel sets my soul free. I’m an inquisitive traveller and discovering new places, people, landscapes, cuisines and cultures amazes me. It fills me with wanderlust. Having said that, the one destination that blew my mind away is Norway. It surprised me differently! Norway introduced me to some of the most compassionate people I’ve ever met, delicious food I ever tasted, and magnificent architecture and natural sites that left me spellbound. I was so overwhelmed that even after returning from the trip, I kept dreaming about it for over six months. That inspired me to launch my travel website. In India, I feel the same for Maharashtra and in Asia, Sri Lanka makes me feel like I am home.

As a professional travel blogger, how are you bringing about a change in the industry?

Travel celebrates diversity, and as a professional travel blogger, I am designing diverse spaces for travellers who are just as different as the places they travel. My nomadness empowers me to parade the cultural spectacles of remote destinations and exemplify travellers of varying races, ages, and beliefs. These aesthetic and cultural ventures of immersion grant the curious travellers an aptitude to learn, empathise and connect with people and ideas that otherwise seem foreign.

Do you travel with music? If yes, what’s on your playlist?

While I’m not much of a music person, the only musician I follow, is Madhav Shorey aka Kohra. His musical compilations are all that you will ever find on my phone for his music helps me stay connected with myself, the world, and nature. But having said that, I also find myself attuned to tribal music and regional songs of joy I indiscriminately discover at random places. Any music that brings people together slowly and strangely grows on me.

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