Meet Somya Luhadia, Whose Journey From Lazy Girl to Encouraging 1 Million Women Towards Fitness is Truly Inspiring

Somya Luhadia is one of the top fitness influencers & motivators, she is an ISSA certified fitness trainer and nutritionist and weight management specialist.  With a mission to help every person lead a healthy lifestyle and help women take care of themselves with good health and eating nutritious food, she has changed the lives of over 10 million women across the world.

She is a young women entrepreneur who after completing her Btech from leading Engineering University ( Birla Institute Of Technology Mersa Ranchi ). Somya started her fitness & health conservatory ( Health Academy) in 2017 because of her passion for health & fitness  & encouraging women to love themselves the most!

She started her Youtube Channel in 2018 which was recognised as the fastest-growing Youtube channel in the health category.

Millions of people are getting the health benefits out of her videos on Youtube and now she has become one of the most successful women entrepreneurs we have in the country today!

Somya has around 1 Billion viewers across the world & nearly one million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She has been investing in improving her knowledge by always studying and investing in continued education.

Because of her hard work and motivation she has achieved a lot in her sector, some of her notable achievements are:

  • Winner of WIBA Best Health & Fitness Influencer 2021 ( Worlds Influencers & Bloggers Awards ).
  • Recognised as Top 100 Influencers of the Year 2020 by Exhibit Magazine.
  • Nominated as Best Fitness Influencer of The Year by Cosmopolitan Bloggers Award 2021.

In the year 2020, Somya started her Fitness application and now more than 10,000 female members have enrolled in a year. Her dedication towards her work has made her what she is today and her turnover is over 1.5 Crore. With her dedication & passion towards motivating women to make time for their health & fitness in their busy schedule, she makes regular videos on all social media platforms including Instagram with over 2 lac followers!

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