Manchester United fans unanimous on Brunos Penalty Miss: Let Ronaldo…

Manchester United fans upon witnessing Bruno Fernandes miss the chance to score a goal by a penalty, took the social media by storm, calling for Ronaldo to take penalties for the club. United were awarded a penalty at the 90+3rd minute of the game against Aston Villa, in the extra time, and Bruno Fernandes went ahead of Ronaldo for the scoring opportunity. Fernandes, however, much to the dejection of the team and its fans, sent the ball soaring above the bar and towards the sky as Manchester United suffered a 0-1 defeat at the Old Trafford stadium. 

Fernandes was handed the on-spot duties for the United, since joining the team, but as Ronaldo made his way back for a second stint with the club, fans wanted the Portuguese to take on the on-spot duty from Fernandes. On witnessing him missing the chance to level the score, fans put out their thoughts on Twitter and suggested Fernandes ‘let Ronaldo take it’. A user said that he loved the way Ronaldo let Fernandes take the spot-kick without arguing. He added that the next time United get a penalty chance, Bruno will personally take the ball to Ronaldo and let him have the shot.

Yeah.. love the way ronaldo didnt argue with him for the spot kick. I’m sure the next one we get, bruno will personally take the ball and hand it over to ronaldo himself.

— Onyekachi Emmanuel (@Onyekachemma) September 25, 2021

Another user asked Fernandes to keep his head high and suggested to him that the next time there’s a penalty chance under such pressure, there is only one man who could get the job done. 

One of the users said that when you have Ronaldo on the pitch and you get a penalty chance in the last minute, you let Ronaldo have it at the first instance.

You have Ronaldo on the pitch, last minute, you give him the penalty. You just have to in that instance

— 💯 ™️ (@Prime_Utd) September 25, 2021

Meanwhile, among the many reactions suggesting Fernandes should give the on-spot duties to Ronaldo, one user in defence of the former said that, following just one penalty miss, everyone seems to have forgotten how much he has helped United since joining the team

1 penalty miss and everyone forgets how much he helped us since he joined

— ODR (@NayeemODR) September 25, 2021

Manchester United are now fourth in the Premier League 2021 points table.

Replying to the many tweets which criticized United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for letting Fernandes take the penalty shot, one of the users said that fans should trust Solskjaer and back him, citing that he is the best coach around.

As a United fan I’m disgusted by your comment. In all my years as football and United fan I’ve never seen a coach tactically better than Ole Gunnar Solskjær and I think he’s the best coach we ever have had. Back him and trust the process. We can still do this! We are United! COYR

— Jose 🧩 (@J_afc_x) September 25, 2021

Following the loss in the match against Aston Villa, United now find themselves at the fourth position in the Premier League 2021 points table. They have won four out of the six matches they have played as they lost their first match of the season on Saturday. They find themselves below table-toppers Liverpool, followed by Man City, and Chelsea. 

(Image: AP)

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