King Kong’s Ex-Girlfriend, Nana Liang, Unearths Sexual Assault Historical previous

King Kong’s Ex-Girlfriend, Nana Liang, Reveals Sexual Assault History

When Taiwanese rapper Nana Liang (梁云菲) broke up with TVB artiste King Kong (金剛) in 2020, the news heated up tabloids due to cheating allegations. While King Kong used to be deeply wretchedness, Nana persisted to care for herself coolly. True as many puzzled what lay within the benefit of Nana’s tricky exterior, the Taiwanese rapper printed she suffered a anxious previous and used to be a sufferer of sexual assault.

Running Away From Home

On a Taiwanese talk expose, Nana confessed that she used to be a rebellious teen and had a shadowy relationship with her other folks. When she used to be 14 years outdated, Nana stole money from her father and ran some distance from home with her traffic. While she used to be overjoyed to be just, anguish began when her buddy stole her money and Nana ended up being homeless.

Violated by More than one Males

Right thru this time, Nana met a man and thought that he cared about her. However, it used to be the initiating of her nightmare. After an night of ingesting, Nana used to be sexually assaulted by the man and his two traffic. Her attacker’s wife witnessed the assault, but did nothing to abet Nana. “After the assault, she helped me shower and then dropped me off alongside with the avenue,” Nana stated sadly.

As a young runaway, Nana used to be too worried to sage the incident to the police. Persevering with to hump on the streets, she met a 70-365 days-outdated man who pretended to abet. To her dismay, Nana but again depended on the wrong person and used to be violated. “After I went in his car, he took me to the outskirts and did horrid issues to me.”

Unable to Face Trauma

When Nana reunited with her family, she didn’t dare to direct her other folks about being sexually assaulted. Unable to bottle up her emotions, Nana lastly broke down and tried to damage herself by ingesting capsules in front of fogeys. Nana’s father used to be a health care provider and yelled at her for her foolishness.

No longer wanting to be a headline within the newspaper, Nana called a taxi to rep herself to the effectively being facility for clinical abet.

“Even supposing I in actual fact hated my other folks, I do know I restful cherished them deep down,” Nana confessed. When her father wrote a non-public letter expressing his buried emotions, Nana lastly realized closure. Over time, Nana and her other folks slowly mended their broken relationship.

Narrative is Too Unsightly 

The sheer magnitude of what Nana printed about her tragic previous distressed many other folks. Some realized the myth to be so monstrous, they refused to inform Nana and accused the rapper of lying to advertise herself.

Angered by the accusations, Nana slammed her attackers, “Stop you inform any girl would are wanting to hyperlink her title to those detrimental experiences? Or that a female artiste needs to make horrid experiences to be a center of gossip? Earlier than you leave your feedback, possess into consideration the ruthlessness of your phrases. Care for a pointy knife, they’ll raze.”

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