Just one bunch of these premium grapes in Japan can cost up to Rs 35,000

Ruby Roman grapes, a variety of fruit from Japan, can cost up to 450 USD for just a bunch. Read on to know why.

Just one bunch of these premium grapes in Japan can cost up to Rs 35,000- Here’s why

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Updated: Sep 21, 2021, 10:38 AM IST

Grapes are one of the most loved fruits of all time and are often enjoyed by people living in tropical countries at a cheap price, as they are available in abundance. Though grapes are inexpensive and commonly available, the price of this Japanese variety of luxury grapes will leave you shocked.

The Ruby Roman grapes, which are grown in Japan only, are known as the world’s most expensive grapes for some time now. It has been recorded that these luxury grapes can sell in the whopping prices range of 90 to 450 USD, for just a bunch.

The main reason why these grapes are so expensive is because of their exceptional quality, taste and uniquely large size. The unique Ruby Roman grapes have been evaluated at an escalated price for three main reasons- their taste, their unique and uniform colour and their unusual size.

The grapes are unusually large in size, with each grape somewhat resembling the size of a ping pong ball. Ruby Roman grapes were cultivated after 14 years of investment, after which they were marketed as the most expensive grape variety in the world.

Ruby Roman grapes are a variety of table grapes that are sold and marketed only in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, which makes it extremely exclusive. They are extremely rare in nature and only 24,000 bunches of Ruby Romans are cultivated each year.

The Ishikawa administration has strict rules for selling this type of grapes. Since such a low yield is cultivated each year, each bunch is tested thoroughly before it’s sold to guarantee its quality and famous ruby red colour. A certification seal is also attacked to all the grapes.

In the year 2020, just one bunch of the Ruby Roman grapes were sold at an auction for around 12,000 USD, making just a single grape being priced at around 400 dollars. This magnificent fruit costs about Rs 7,50,000 in India, which makes the price of a single grape around Rs 35,000.

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