Janhvi Kapoor gets brutally trolled for stating ‘maths makes you retard,’ netizens say ‘padhegi tab toh..’

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Celebrities tend to become honest and share their views and opinion during interviews. Many times they are been applauded for being upfront and real. But sometimes their views and comments don’t go well with the audience, and they get brutally trolled for it. 

Janhvi Kapoor is promoting her upcoming comedy-thriller Goodluck Jerry, and in an interview, Janhvi stated that as a student, she was fond of History subject. Kapoor added that History was her favourite subject, and Maths was her least favourite one. Emphasizing more on this Janhvi added, “I don’t understand the point. Calculator invent hone ke baad aaj tak maine algebra ka istemaal kiya hai… nahi hai toh itna kyun maine sar todha. Like… what was the point? History and literature on the other hand make you cultured human. Maths just makes you like retarded I think.”

Here’s the clip

Who is this? pic.twitter.com/ow8hvWdToh

— Abhijit Majumder (@abhijitmajumder) July 17, 2022

Soon this clip went viral and people started calling out the actress for her ‘insensitive’ comment. A user asserted, “#JhanviKapoor is trying to do algebra by using calculator. And that’s end the all logic. Move on Sir… Lot of other things to be known.” Another user asserted, “Clear proof of higher education by paying lakhs as fees in some ib school or icse.” A netizen added, “Wahhhh! Kahan rahte h aise log aur ek ham jo IIT JEE ki tayari karke thak chuke hai… without algebra ka koi question aata hi nahi hai.” Another netizen added, “Padhegi likhegi tab toh algebra ka use karegi na mc, muft ki rotiyaan todegi toh kaise use pta chalega.”  One of the user asserted, “How can you blame Maths for the miserable condition you are in?” 

Janhvi’s upcoming film Goodluck Jerry will release on the digital platform on July 29. Apart from Goodluck Jerry, Kapoor will also be seen in Mr and Mrs Mahi.

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