It’s a boy for Neeti Mohan and Nihaar Pandya

Nihaar Pandya announced the happy news with a cute photo on his Instagram page.

Neeti Mohan, Nihaar Pandya

Neeti Mohan/Instagram

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Updated: Jun 2, 2021, 11:56 PM IST

It’s a boy for Neeti Mohan and Nihaar Pandya! The couple welcomed their first child on Wednesday (June 2, 2021) and Nihaar shared the happy news on his Instagram page. He posted a photo with Neeti in which he is kissing her forehead while she shows her full baby bump. Nihaar posted a cute caption while announcing the news of embracing fatherhood.

He wrote, “My Beautiful wife gives me the chance to teach our little boy everything my father has taught me. She continues to spread more and more Love into my Life each day. Most importantly, Neeti and our Newborn are both healthy and fine. Today on this Cloudy/Rainy day in Mumbai, We witnessed our ‘SON-rise’…”

Pandya added, “With folded hands, The Mohan’s and The Pandya’s sincerely Thank God, the Doctors, family, friends and All well-wishers are very kind for showering Immense Care, Love and Support on us Always. Thank you All Gratitude @neetimohan18 #gratitude #blessed.”

Earlier while describing her beautiful journey of pregnancy, Neeti had written on her Instagram page, “Can’t describe in words what a beautiful journey pregnancy is!!! It’s a miracle that there is life growing inside of you. A small heart beating and tiny little feet kicking from time to time. And now that the baby can hear from the womb I love singing all the more… This connection and creation are unique and so attuned to Mother Nature. Only when you experience you know what a privilege it is to prepare for motherhood. For now, I am filled with excitement and gratitude. My Love to all the Mammas and mommies to be out there.”

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