ISKCON devotees protest in front of Bangladesh High Commission in seek govt action

On Saturday, ISCKON devotees from across the globe staged peaceful demonstrations to stand in unanimity with the victims of the mayhem in Bangladesh. At least 500 members following the movement took part in a peaceful demonstration in front of the Bangladesh High Commission in London’s South Kensington. The protestors demanded security and justice for the minority community, especially the Hindus residing in the nation.

The protestors sang prayers on the roads with Dhol and Kartal raising banners underlining their demand, “Protect Bangladeshi Hindus”, “Stop torturing and killing Hindus in Bangladesh”, “Justice for Hindus”, and with many other such appeals.   

Over 500 people protest in front of Bangladesh High Commission in London

A protestor participating in the demonstration, Vimlenshu Shekhar said, “There is a lot of anger among the people here, especially the Hindus. There were a lot of protests here in front of the Bangladesh High Commission in London. More than 500 people gathered in front of the High Commission and protested against the killing of innocent people in Bangladesh, their act of putting houses on fire. We have gathered here in protest against the action of the local community in Bangladesh, against the Hindus.”

ISKCON devotees demand strict action against perpetrators

Speaking about the demands of the organisation and the actions to be taken by the government, Shekhar said, “People here in the UK are demanding strict action against the persons who have committed such a heinous crime, killing of innocent people, an ISKCON monk and also the torture on ladies and kids. Here, people are expecting actions that are visible. We want to see some actions and not just words. We want the perpetrators of the crime to be booked and put behind bars and make sure that such offences are not committed in the future.”

Shekhar further urged the government in Bangladesh to bring confidence in the local community to live in harmony.

ISKCON in-charge and spokesperson Radharamn Das had said earlier that the protests will be carried out in a peaceful manner across 150 countries. Protests were undertaken in various cities across India like Bengaluru, Guwahati, and Kolkata.

ISKCON stated that the message of the protests is that minorities of any religion and any country should be protected. Prayers are being sung as part of the protest. Meanwhile, the protest will be carried out across ISKCON’s 700 temples across the globe at the same time. 

ISKCON community, Hindu temples attacked in Bangladesh

As per the reports, a mob of at least 500 people attacked the ISKCON temple during the Durga Puja celebrations. Two members of the temple died after sustaining critical injuries during the attack. Apart from that, a large number of people were also injured in the attack who were later admitted to the hospital. The Bangladesh Police had to impose Section 144 to ensure that order was restored and more officers were deployed at the temple site. 

Furthermore, attacks were carried out on Puja venues in Hajiganj on October 13 and two days later, attacks on Hindu temples in Naokhali claimed the lives of two more people. The Dhaka Tribune revealed the true extent of the gruesome attacks on the Hindus. Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, the Home Minister, alleged that these attacks were carefully planned to destroy the religious harmony in the country.

Image: Republic World

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