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In Kerala, six women took part in an Anti-hijab protest and burned it in solidarity with the anti-hijab revolution that started after the death of Mahsa Amini.

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The ongoing Anti-Hijab revolution in Iran has now reached India’s Kerala as six women organised a protest on Sunday in Kozhikode Town. The protest was held near the Kozhikode Town Hall under the auspices of the free-thinking session held by the Islamic Free Thinkers Association. 

The six women took part in the protest and burned hijab in solidarity with the anti-hijab movement that started after the death of Iran’s Mahsa Amini. In the video, the women can be seen flashing placards with Amini’s image and raising slogans. Notably, the protest in Kozhikode holds a massive significance as the area has a dominant Muslim community.

Mahsa Amini’s death triggers Anti-Hijab Revolution

Mahsa Amini was on a visit to Tehran with her family when she was detained by the specialist police unit. After a while, she suffered a heart attack and was immediately taken to hospital with the cooperation of the emergency services, as per local media. However, Amini’s family said that she was normal before the arrest with no pre-existing heart conditions. “Unfortunately, she died and her body was transferred to the medical examiner’s office,” reported ANI. The announcement came a day after Tehran police confirmed Amini had been detained with other women for “instruction” about the rules.

A human rights activist who spoke to Amini’s family stated that the police forced the 22-year-old inside the police vehicle. Her brother Kiarash tried to intervene but was stopped by the police and told that his sister is being taken to the police station for one hour of re-education. Waiting outside the station for her sister’s release, Kiarash saw her sister being taken to the hospital in an ambulance. 

Following the death of the 22-year-old woman, a debate has sparked against the “morality police” in the Islamic Republic and an anti-hijab revolution has broken out in Iran after women came out in large numbers to protest against the death of Amini. The furious women protesters were seen cutting their hair and burning hijabs in a bid to fight back against the mandatory veiling of women. The women have united against what they say is a gender apartheid regime and are demanding their basic rights. 

Violent clashes have erupted in Iran as people have come out on the streets protesting against the Iranian government and Morality police. Iranian authorities have announced to hold public trials for 1,000 people in Tehran in connection with the protests that have convulsed the country.

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