Google Chrome for iOS is getting five new features: Know all about it here

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Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers in the world. Its iOS version is getting a total of five new features that enhance user experience.

Google Chrome for iOS is getting five new features: Read details here


Google Chrome for iOS is getting a couple of new features that will ease the browsing experience. The features include enhanced safe browsing, password manager autofill, Chrome Actions and more.

Read more details about the new features coming to Google Chrome for iOS here. 

New features for Chrome on iOS

  • Enhances safe browsing on Chrome for iOS users to protect them from phishing, malware and other web-based threats. As users turn on Enhanced Safe Browsing on their iPhones and iPad, the browser will predict and warn users proactively by sending information to Google Safe Browsing. Additionally, Chrome will also warn users if their usernames and passwords have been leaked in a third-party breach. 
  • Further, users can set the Google Password Manager as their Autofill provider so the browser can help them quickly fill their passwords. 
  • Chrome for iOS will display all the recent tabs, and ensure that users are able to browse content in a better manner. Additionally, users will be able to start a new search easily and get back to their most frequently visited sites. This feature is being released for iOS first and will come to Android devices later. 
  • Google uses an on-device machine learning tool to make the foreign websites in users’ preferred language. 
  • Lastly, iOS users will be able to use Chrome Actions to do more things quickly from the Chrome address bar. As and when the feature arrives, users will be able to save time by writing a Chrome Action into the address bar, for instance, “clear browsing data” or “delete the history.”  

Google Meets for Chrome gets picture-in-picture mode

Announcing the picture-in-picture mode for Google Meets, the company says “we’re bringing picture-in-picture to Google Meet to Chrome browsers on the web. You’ll be able to see up to four video tiles of meeting attendees in a floating window on top of other applications.” The feature will allow users to multitask with ease.

Apart from that, users can now pin multiple video feeds during a video call. This provides users with greater flexibility in how they combine people and content, allowing them to adjust the view in a way that lets them attend a meeting while the most important video feeds. Additionally, Google also mentioned that there is no admin control for the feature.

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