Google Brings Back Dessert Codenames For New OS, Names Android 12 ‘Snow Cone’

Google has finally released the stable version of the Android 12. The company seems to have run a bit late on the operating system’s much-anticipated release. However, Google seems to be making up for the delay by bringing back the company’s trademark dessert names for the latest version of the OS. Google’s Vice President of Engineering for Android Dave Burke took to Twitter to announce that Android 12 will be called “Snow Cone.”

Android operating systems have had dessert names in the past. At one point, the dessert names had become standard as fans eagerly waited to know what the new one was codenamed. However, Google dropped the dessert name system with the launch of Android 10. Android 9 which was named Android Pie was the last to get a ‘popular’ codename.

Android Snow Cone 

Reports had claimed that the company wanted to keep the names simpler for the global community. The company had said that the codenames would remain for the system’s internal teams and wouldn’t be made official for the public. However, the company seems to have come back to the idea and made an interesting name for the latest version of the OS.

Google’s Vice President of Engineering for Android Dave Burke on Monday took to his Twitter to share an image of Androids inside snow cones and wrote, “A cool background to celebrate the launch of Android Snow Cone!” The codename was quickly picked up by the fans of the operating system who said that the dessert codenames were missed in recent years. According to Android Central, the title of Snow Cone was first leaked in February, however, it failed to grab any attention as the public believed that the company would just drop it.

Google launches Android 12

Google on Monday confirmed the release of their new Android 12 for its users for selected devices all over the globe. Makers have managed to bring in several new customization features for the users including design changes for Google’s Workspace apps like Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The Android 12 Stable version also helps the users utilize the better customization features and new visual identity with the help of the new redesign Material You developed by Google.  

It is to be noted that the Android 12 Stable Release has been scheduled for only selected devices currently available in the market. Google has managed to cover most of the latest generations of phones from Motorola, OnePlus, Samsung and many more. Some of the devices are likely to get the new Android 12 OS some days after its official release.

Image: Twitter

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