Giant anaconda halts traffic in Brazil, gets human help to cross road | Watch video

Anaconda, one of the largest snakes to crawl the planet, and made infamous by a movie with the same title, is as fascinating as it is scary. Of late, social media and the internet has equipped snake enthusiasts to see the magnificent reptile going about its everyday affairs, which does not include crossing public roads. However, a recent Instagram video has captured the colossal serpent doing just that.  

In the video, the anaconda can be seen crossing a motorway, inviting mixed reactions from passers-by that range from fear to awe.  As the incredible reptile draws more people’s attention, a cluster forms around the snake. People look astonished as the anaconda slithers past them and up the divider to move to the other side as it enters the tarmac. The entire traffic comes to a halt, and people are seen waiting for it to cross the street. This explains their apprehension.

Bystanders help anaconda cross the road

A few bystanders can also be seen assisting the anaconda in crossing the roadway and signalling incoming vehicles to stop and make way for the snake. Instagram users praised the good samaritans who aided the magnificent beast, which invariably ended up in a dangerous human environment.

Five days ago, the Instagram account @animalsventure shared a video with the caption: “Drivers had to halt their journey along a road in Brazil to make way for an anaconda to cross the road.” However, the video’s exact timing and location could not be confirmed.

The viral video has nearly half a million views and invited a huge number of comments from netizens across the world. One Instagram user wrote, “Well done those caring kind people.” Another comment read, “I couldn’t understand how people could be brave like this,” while a third commented, “Happy to see humans helping animals survive.”

Some facts about anacondas

Anacondas are among the world’s largest snakes and are known for their swimming abilities. They are muscular, stocky snakes with thicker bodies than other boas. Their necks are thick, and their heads are narrow but large. The tops of anacondas’ heads have nostrils and eyes, allowing them to see above the water while remaining mostly submerged.

From the eye to the jaw, they have a thick black stripe. All anacondas are found east of the Andes in South America. They are most active late at night and early in the evening. On land, their size makes them unwieldy, but in the water, they can move quickly.

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