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Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, during Republic’s Rashtra Sarvopari Sammelan, spoke on a gamut of issues facing his state and India while listing the achievements of his government during his tenure. While speaking to Republic’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, CM Sarma also lashed out at the recent crackdown on anti-India elements and predicted the future of northeast, which is fairly bright, according to him. Here are ten big remarks made by CM Himanta Sarma at the Republic Bharat Summit.

‘India is home to Hindus, no matter where they are’

While discussing the Citizen Amendment Act (CAA), the Assam CM said that India is home to Hindus and highlighted the atrocities faced by minorities in the neighbouring countries. “I believe that wherever in the world there are Hindus, India is their home. If Hindus face atrocities, where will they go? It’s not like there are five nations with Hinduism as a state religion”.

“If in any X, Y, Z country, there are atrocities on Hindus, they have only one thought, we have people in India, let’s call them.”

Don’t compare Hindus with Pakistanis or Bangladeshis

Doubling down on the issue of sheltering Hindus from neighbouring countries, CM Sarma advised not to treat them as Pakistanis of Bangladeshis. “You cannot conceive Hindus with Pakistanis and Bangladeshis and neither compare Hindus with them. Every Hindu is an Indian”.

‘As CM, I speak for everyone including Muslims’

Himanta Sarma launched a scathing attack on AIMIM (All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen) chief Asaduddin Owaisi and reminded him that the latter does not speak for all Muslims. “Is Owaisi a spokesperson of the Islamic population? He is not their messiah. I am the CM of Assam and I speak for everyone.”

Don’t mortgage Muslims to Owaisi

Emphasising that Owaisi should not act as a spokesperson for every Muslim, CM Sarma underscored the problems faced by 19-year-old women who are already raising four kids. “My heart goes out to girls who should have been in college but are handling 4-5 kids at age 19. I have to speak up, how would society progress if no one speaks”, the CM said.

“Muslims are not Owaisi’ property. They belong to India. It is the responsibility of every Indian to lead another Indian toward the path of progress. Don.t mortgage Muslims to Owaisi”.

Muslims of Assam support us against illegal madrassas

Further discussing strict action against illegal madrassas in the state, he said that Muslims in Assam are completely supportive of the government. “We see Muslims as our partners, we don’t have enmity with any community. Our police go and explain to them what is happening in the illegal madrasas and they support us. That is in the nation’s interest”, the CM added.

‘North-east will contribute to India’s growth in 5 yrs’

During the summit, CM Sarma also discussed the potential of north-eastern states and predicted that the region would be a key contributor to India’s economy in the next five years. “North-eastern states have potential but do not have recognition. Give us another five years. We won’t come with any begging bowl… and we will start contributing to the country’s growth”, the CM said. 

“Right, Left, or Centre does not come to my mind. I want Assam to be in the top 5 states of the country and for India to be number 1 in the world”, he added.

‘Assam’s GDP is close to crossing Punjab’s’

Listing the achievements of his state government, CM Sarma stated that Agartala’s airport is currently in better condition than Lucknow airport and the development of 24 new medical colleges is underway. “Can you imagine, in a state like Assam, there are 24 medical colleges under development apart from AIIMS? Today’s Assam’s GDP is number 17 in the country and we are in close competition with Punjab”, he said.

‘No Congress government should exist in India’

The Assam CM also launched unsparing attacks on Congress and went on to state that “no Congress government should exist in India”. Following up on his blistering statements, he also said that he would have no remorse and would not seek an apology for breaking up a Congress government. 

“Congress was whose country? the country’s party, Gandhi Ji’s party. Now, what does Congress say? The family will be upset. Which family? They have made this system, and it is their responsibility to bring it out of that. No Congress government should exist in India and I would not seek any apology for breaking a Congress government”, he added. 

‘Your grandfather was behind ‘Bharat Todo’

Slamming Congress’ Bharat Jodo Yatra, CM Sarma also targeted Rahul Gandhi and reminded him of his “grandfather” who, according to him was involved in ‘Bharat Todo’ campaign. 

“I don’t have an objection to Rahul Gandhi launching a ‘Samaj Jodo’ rally. Yes, in society there still exist differences between the upper castes, and lower castes, you unite them. But why will you launch ‘Bharat Jodo’? It was your grandfather behind ‘Bharat todo’, and now you are trying ‘Bharat Jodo’. When did the people of Tamil Nadu, Kerala tell you that they don’t want to stay with India? They are all proud Indians”, he said. 

‘Are you a washing machine?’ CM Sarma questions the Gandhi family

The CM also addressed the allegations of the opposition leaders on the ill-usage of government agencies such as the CBI and ED. “When they resign from Congress, they say they have against them the CBI and ED. They were with you for 20 years, did not you know there was CBI, and ED against them? Why did not you remove them then? Are you a washing machine?” CM Sarma questioned.

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