Fortune hits Kochi auto driver, becomes Crorepati overnight by winning Rs 12 crore lottery

Jayapalan hit a stroke of luck when he purchased a Rs 300 lottery ticket on September 10 from a lottery centre. The result was announced on Sunday.

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Updated: Sep 22, 2021, 09:19 AM IST

In a twist of fate, an auto driver from Kochi overnight became a crorepati after he won Rs 12 crore lottery instituted by the state government. A resident of Maradu in Kochi, Jayapalan PR became the winner of this year’s Kerala Onam bumper lottery. The result of the lottery was announced on Sunday.

Jayapalan hit a stroke of luck when he purchased a Rs 300 lottery ticket on September 10 from a state-approved lottery centre, an agency that has brought luck to many. Jayapalan says he bought that particular winning lottery ticket as the number sounded ‘fancy’ to him.

To his utter disbelief, on Sunday when the announcement was made, a ticket bearing serial number TE 645465 emerged as the lucky winner. “I bought the prize-winning ticket from Meenakshi Lotteries near Statue Junction on September 10 as I felt that it was a fancy number,” Jayapalan told a leading daily.

Of the Rs 12 crore amount, Jayapalan would get to keep Rs 7 crore of the total bounty after tax deduction. The auto driver says he wishes to clear all his debts with this amount and spend the rest in providing good education to his children and financially support his sisters.

Back home Jayapalan’s family comprises his mother, wife and two sons. His wife works as a sweeper while one son is an electrician and the other is a homeo doctor.

Meanwhile, the total revenue generated from the sale of Onam bumper lottery tickets is around Rs 140 crore, of which after all expense deductions the state exchequer will get to keep around Rs 4 crore.

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