Foreign Secretary Shringla highlights deeper global interdependence amid COVID-19 at UNSC

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Foreign Secretary at UNSC talked about chances that developing countries should be given, the need for an update in the council, and COVID-19 related matter.

Harsh Vardhan Shringla at UNSC

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India’s Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla on Friday spoke at United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and hailed the power of the UN’s top organs. The Foreign secretary reminded that today’s world model can only be addressed with an updated system. He also highlighted India’s enhanced efforts towards upholding multilateralism. Harsh Vardhan Shringla remarked that the UN’s top contributors can deliver effective solutions only if they are given a chance rather than “zealously guarding the status quo of the mighty” as it warned that the “narrow representation and privileges of a few” poses a great challenge to its authenticity.

Such outdated systems were made to address the issues of the past, added the foreign secretary.

“The multitude of challenges of today’s dynamic and interdependent world cannot be addressed with outdated systems that were designed to deal with the challenges of the past,” said Foreign Secretary Shringla.

Maintenance of International Peace and security

His speech further added how multilateralism and United Nations-centred International System were held high when the COVID-19 pandemic attacked the world. According to the Foreign Secretary, the awareness regarding global interdependence was learned by the world through the pandemic. He also mentioned that the world faced the pandemic with a tough mind. 

He asserted that COVID-19 has also taught us the meaning of coordination. 

“COVID-19 sharpened our awareness of the depth of global interdependence and on fact that world’s only as resilient as least resilient country. Events of last year demonstrated how imperative it’s for countries to coordinate responses to challenges that pandemic brought to fore,” mentioned Harsh Vardhan Shringla.

India’s contribution in fighting the pandemic

While speaking further at the high-level meeting, India’s foreign leader stressed on the relief work provided by India. He said that, in past one year, India helped 150 countries with COVID-19 vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment to fight the pandemic. 

He also talked about waiving IP rights for timely availability of COVID-19 vaccines. 

“India has also worked with South Africa and other partners in WTO to seek relaxation in norms of TRIPS agreement to ensure quick and affordable access to vaccines and medicines for developing countries during the COVID pandemic,” said Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla.

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