FIFA World Cup 2022: Romance in Qatar can land you in jail for 7 years, husband-wife exempted

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The FIFA Football World Cup 2022 is being organised by Qatar in November this year. A large number of football lovers from all over the world are expected to reach here. Well, Qatar is already in discussion, but not because of being the organisers of FIFA Football World Cup 2022. Qatar is hitting headlines for its stand on LGBTQ and human rights violations.

And now it is being reported that Qatar has also banned one-night stands and public romance during the World Cup. According to the Daily Star report, Qatar has made it clear that foreign guests will have to follow the strict laws of the Arab country. The police here have told that a non husband-wife couple can be jailed for up to 7 years for making physical relation.

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Apart from this, many other strict laws have been implemented by the Government of Qatar making it difficult for western tourists.

Physical relations of homosexuals, singles a crime

Qatar is governed by Islamic Sharia law. According to this, singles having physical relationship is considered an offence. Also, there is a provision for punishment for homosexuality. The report quoted Qatar Police as saying that foreign nationals can also be jailed for 7 years for such crimes. Consensual sex of a non husband-wife couple will also be considered a crime.

Restrictions to be imposed

Partying and drinking alcohol will also be banned after a football match in Qatar. Also, if the surnames of a couple are not the same, they will not be allotted a room together in the hotel. To get a room together, they have to prove that they are husband and wife.

‘Romance is not part of our culture’

Nasser Al-Khater, the chief official of the FIFA World Cup, says that romance in the open is not part of Qatar’s culture, so they cannot give permission to foreign guests to do so. He also added that the safety and security of the football lovers coming to Qatar would be their priority.

Qatar is not the only country with such strict rules in place. Such rules are common in most Arab countries under Sharia law. Sex before marriage and with anyone other than the husband or wife is considered a big crime. Punishment ranging from beating to jail and death is given in different countries of the Middle East.

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